30 March 2008

you're wearing a building? no, hot tea. oh. wait. what?

The shape and form of a piece of clothing can be different for every wearer, and it often reveals the time the article of clothing was made--dropped waists, shoulder pads, manly silhouettes all shriek that lovely period of time we know as the 80's. What type of clothing screams the 00's? Or whatever this decade is called...... it doesn't even have a nickname yet does it? The new millenium?

Anyway. Looking through gallery upon gallery, I'm noticing that despite the street style depicting decades past, it's always a more exaggerated version that that of the actual decade. Bigger bows, dramatic lines, that kind of thing.

On the runway this isn't as common for the most recent collections. Of course, it's still there--fashion is a cycle, after all--but now I'm seeing designers concentrate more on the structure of the clothes than on decades to pay homage to. Now, I love theatrical outfits (come on, I dress ''like a gay actor'' half the time, I think it's kind of a given that dramatic outfits = my love). But the change of focus is a welcome change every once in awhile.


ARCHITECTURAL CLOTHES Mechanical Connection Vol. II S/S '08

I love this collection. At first glance, I thought it was bland...nothing screamed out, caught my eye--it was just too simple. And then, you look deeper. The material. The way it moves with your body. The....gimmick, I guess would be a good word to describe it. It's not so much clothing as art, and subtle art at that. It's.....architecture, and that's exactly what the designer wanted. The designer is not so much someone who makes clothes, but clothes that remind you of architecture. And I love it. Going through the line piece by piece, you can see a story. I think it'd look great in a magazine spread and quite frankly, on my best friends.

Ooooooohhhh, I feel so good right now. So satisfied! I just found these amazing, fantastical sketches.... designer or wannabe? Leave your guesses in the comments. :)

28 March 2008

stegosaurus in yo' head, in yo' face, in' yo' soul.

I am being bombarded with awesome editorials here. If my printer could cry it would demand a break or something; I've been printing out scans for the past half hour. Shh....don't tell my dad, he'd probably cry at the 'waste' of ink.

I don't think wanting to hold these editorials in my hand is a 'waste'....

Vogue Italia 04/2008, Karen Elson by Craig McDean
What do you think of Caren? She could have been suitably creepy in Chronicles of Narnia, she's got a signature look and it works for me here. I'm looking at the clothes anyway so I could really care less. Ignoring the fringe. Eugh. This is what Spring should be. Whimsical but fierce. I love, love, love everything about this shoot ignoring the weird bangs that make Karen look like....well, not as good as the clothes. The entire spread reminds me of a watercolor come to life.

I'm going to experiment with stripes and chiffon now. When I think of Spring, I think of pastels, chiffon, and legs all around, but also combat boots and leather jackets, cigarettes and tulips. I think this editorial encompasses the carefree, colorful aspect and that's always lovely. Plus, it's really easy to recreate this look. Some things I found on Ebay...

  1. 80s vtg floral strapless ruched sculptural party dress from PLAYGROUND VINTAGE. I'm not going to like the end price, but I think such an ontrend and outrageously awesome dress such as this would merit a high end price. Not like I can fit int an xs anyway.....I'm looking at you, Zoe!

  2. Vtg 60s White Floral LACE Mini PARTY Sun Dress XS from hippogorillagiraffe vintage. Very pretty. Very liebemarlene to me, actually.

.....does this dress remind you of Balenciaga or does it remind you of Balenciaga?

she fits in like pocahontas in a nu wave club.

Finalllyyyyy, Friday! Everyone, it's celebratory hug time with strangers. Yes! You heard me! Find a stranger and hug them and congratulate them for not committing any felonies during the week (they waited a whole 5 days, at the very least). I'm really disappointed that my outfit posts won't be as you know... outfit-oriented as I'd like; I took 30+ pictures yesterday of my outfits during the week and they all came out black. So. Er. I salvaged a few, so here they are.

[blank spot for thursday and friday, said day pictures were destroyed. --;]

you already saw wednesdays outfit, really. i think this week i had a lot of fun with clothes. next week i'll been looking forward to wearing my tribal print oversized tunic....bahahaha.

After seeing these pictures, I'm even more inclined to wear florals for Spring. Oh yes, I'm a regular fashion pirate. Nature is my booty.


Anyway. Aren't these pictures gorgeous?

click to enlarge.

I don't remember where I found them; they were in my cluster of BlogPics. I'll find out soon, though.

26 March 2008

not even bypass can pass me.

say hello to bob the dinosaur, lafonda II the slide, and mr. muse zack. they are here to relay this message:

school is kicking my ass and my camera decided to join in! i'm using Abigail's camera for now.

i will get back to posting frequently at least by friday--look forward to the weekend with me! i'm dying here.

Next post: All my outfits this week (mc hammer pants holla back, gladiatior flats my babies, flower leggings is dat chuuu~) and of course, random crap that I throw in because I love to stall.

See you if I don't die from brochures....

22 March 2008

posession and nail polish. joys.

Yesterdays adventure turned out to be a double edged sword. Hanging out with Jew is always fun, although it always results in blatant threats on lives and me owing her money (and a sweater, but whatever). I didn't think I'd buy much and I was absolutely right. After 5+ hours walking and $22 spent on transportation (I HATE you, ticket increase.) Abigail and I ended up buying 2 shirts combined, with takoyaki and yakisoba on our breath and blisters on our feet.

The thing most people don't realize about the City is that well, it's crowded. And expensive. And really effing irritating when you have to push past a million tourists that don't know what they're doing and also, transportation costs money so you've got to factor that in. Even though Abigail and I are frequent city goers, we didn't really factor in the cost of fare so halfway through I was broke and she ended up shouldering the costs of fare. Anyway, back to the point: if you think a Friday is a good day to go in the city and you'll somehow find a great deal amongst the many hipster boutiques, you'll probably be sadly disappointed. The majority of the good stores are located in Brooklyn, Queens, and Williamsburg, not NYC. Even then, inflation sucks and with the dollar failing hard at life you're going to spend more than you want to anyway.
Nevertheless, I'm happy with my purchase although the means of getting it kind of sucked.

Enough with the depressing reality! You want pictures, no?

First stop: Eating. We went to our favorite dig in the city for cheap food, Otafuku (236 E 9th street). Absolutely miniscule, with no seating inside, so we ate our yakisoba and takoyaki at the local starbucks.

damn i'm hungry now.

After that, we went to Urban Outfitters to find Jew some skirts for her Spring Wardrobe. I've always thought of Urban as a glorified and overpriced ebay, this didn't change from the visit. I like the clothes but it's too much money on something I can find at a thrift store...and I said that, frequently, as I went through the racks. Turned up empty handed.

After that, we went on our way to Uniqlo, but Metropolis caught my eye. It's primarily directed to men--leather jackets, menswear, and vintage tshirts are abound while the womens section is shunned to one or two racks and the dress section can be measured if you stretch your hands. It's got a huge amount of shoes though, I'll give them that. It's got O.K pricing, nothing to write home about but good quality for your money. Pricing for tshirts range from $24-$95, shoes are $35+. I wanted to buy many things, my wallet had no space. (SURPRISE.) Looking into it now I realize East Village does in fact have a nice amount of vintage stores for around the same price range, so next time when I have a decent amount to spend I'll document my visits there.

My dream boots (i went "kjhakdjasdasdasd", dramatic feint and all) are $95 dollars. These pink pumps remind me of the bow Louboutins, that for for $23423423482424 or around there. $45 dollars if I recall. CLICK TO ENLARGE; the pictures are beautiful. 2nd pic is my wallpaper actually hahaha.

Random note: Nylon and Paper (Lindsay Lohan cover) can be found on the corner of Eighth and Bleeker. Just random, if you're in the East Village and want to buy them.

I don't remember the exact sequence of events so forgive me if the pictures are out of order (you can't tell anyway, ha ha ha). On our way somewhere, I think to Uniqlo, we passed by Irregular Choice and the store front caught my eye so I dragged Abigail in despite her protests of it being "too girly". I'm less girly than her and personally when I think polka dot boots I imagine visual kei bands and a helluvalot of product in your hair.

I was moaning on about all the pretty shoes, and taking pictures of everything in the relatively empty store. I know some stores don't like pictures being taken so I took them quickly underneath my little hat and tried some on just to see how they feel. (A pair of green oxford style pumps and red flats, both $150+)

click to enlarge. (small selection of what they had--seems like they had all stock from their website as well as the clothes.

After that short visit, we went down your atypical alleyway and I stopped in my tracks at this display window.

Click to enlarge. Oh my god, expletives are required to describe to you the contents of the store from what I saw through the window. No one was inside ad the door was locked, which sucked so I couldn't go in and ogle at the beauty. I'm positive this was something big, I just don't know what.

At the end of the journey (Uniqlo, but of course) we ended up getting two lovely shirts. This was my first visit to Uniqlo...I've got things to say.

  1. All asians in the entire world, marry me.
  2. Mostly Japanese designers, actually. You make my world ROCK.
  3. Uniqlo has amazing jeans as expected, and it's effing huge. Holy crap, epicly enormous. Also, the elevator is fun and I'm stupid sometimes.
Abigail bought the tank top with designs by Hiro Sugiyama and Kaname Yamaguchi, who are pretty much GODS in the anime and manga world, for $15.50. I purchased the second shirt, by an English dude which . It's big, so I'm going to wear it as a dress or a tunic with black latex leggings or my floral tights and combat boots if and when I buy them.

Shirt information (the tag) here and here.

I'll post my street pictures on a rainy day, they really deserve a post of their own. Off to bed for me!

p.s many thanks to abigail for taking the last four shots, as well as the tag shots, and letting me use her camera for the trip. Ily. =D

edit: SORRY JESUS. Abigail's shirt was designed by


who apparently owns heaven and hell and created manga and I should be shot at for not reading the tag properly.

20 March 2008

behold the epic

Going to Abigail's tomorrow to do a history project SHOP SHOP SHOP EAT SHOP FACEHUNTER PEOPLE SHOP SHOP SHOP DIE.

Mission title: takoyaki, raggin' on williamsburg and man pants.

19 March 2008

oh pardon me, thou bleeding piece of teen.

last week outfit, found the skort with a matching top in my drawers. my favorite cardigan evar in the history of ever.
i use the belt wayyy too much but i love it.

all thrifted; the shoes are mommy dearest's. you know you dig two hats. (thurs outfit) guh the pants are made of fail though.

Hello, hello pretty people. I'm in a much better mood than yesterday (it could only have gotten better, trust me), how about you? Did you see any gasp worthy outfits, any inspiration? Tell me tell me tell me, I'd love to know what you're inspired by.

Me? I'd like to say I'm inspired by obscure defunct pop bands and (insert really awesomely awesome singer/artist/musician here) but mostly I'll sit on my computer like the nerd I am and surf, surf, surf. Then I go, ''oh wow ___ makes me drool/should father (or mother) my child/i want to rip those pants off of her and have them for myself/wow she makes me really want orange tutu's" and the like. It's something that is happening often lately but then when I go to try on an 'inspired outfit' I draw a blank and end up throwing on any old thing. This is also known as laziness, and you'll be hard pressed to find anyone as lazy as me. But, lately the style I've been digging isn't as complicated as the outfits I usually gravitate towards.

Mostly it's man jeans and blazers. And really good asian hair.

This rambling about my newfound infatuation with 'simplistic' outfits will seem extremely hypocritical later in my post, but bear with me.

Whenever I somehow come into posession of a substantial amount of money, I will immediately drag someone to be my bag mule and buy the following:

  1. a korean
  2. -men's grey levi's. if you're going to go get 'boyfriend' cut, i'm pretty sure you can do just as well with your boyfriend's pants, but all of my guy friend's with good taste are tinier than me or twice my height. so off to the men's section I go.
  3. Pack of men's hane's v-neck tshirts. A few posts back (my most recent decent post tbh). I don't see why I would pay $10 bucks for the pack when you can get it for $7, so this I can wait out. Unfortunately it seems men actually wear said t-shirts so I'll probably be waiting for a long while.
  4. More patterned tights. I have plenty of dark textured tights and not enough Spring appropriate tights. The Sock Drawer has the greatest crazy floral tights but the ones nearest me only sell them in 'Queen Size', so unless I ask Abigail to share my tights buying them is not going to happen.
  5. Proper combat boots. Otherwise known as 'fierce feet'. My lame name for them can be excused, the pure awesomeness that comes up lace up, buckled, and wickedly badass black boots can not be. I want the one's I saw on cutesygirl, but I doubt they'll be there by the time I come into money so it'll probably be a more expensive ebay purchase.
  6. A white, virginal spring dress. So I can pair it with my leather jackets and boots, along with the floral tights.
  7. High waisted shorts. Preferably with big, sailor type buttons. The one's F21 has in store are lovely but I classify them into the really weird underwear category because you'd have to have no ass at all or have the shortest legs ever to be able to wear them without pulling a Britney.
  8. Jumpers, a la kova&T.
  9. Crazy crazy random buttons and socks and jewlery. Accessories with simple outfits can punch up an outfit.
  10. Anything from Alexander Wang's collaboration with Uniqlo. Gah. All stops will be pulled, all favors called in and babies held for ransom to get even a wiff of the collaboration. If only to take pictures for the blog, I will go and check out the clothes personally and hopefully be able to afford a piece when it's revealed.
  11. The perfect blazer. There are many of these, all of them elusive and wickedly expensive. I'm looking for a fitted, form fitting blazer preferably with Burberry type buttons or just a simple black one I can wear with anything. It's really a great piece to have and unfortunately I just don't have the one I can see myself wearing practically.
I wore 'my hat' today and my paolo santini cheetah leotard. i'm pretty sure this article is the reason why. I hadn't even remembered reading it until I checked my bookmarks too! Lou's such a great inspiration as well as her sister (who's in fact my lovely banner girl, ha ha ha). You can find pictures and the like on the threads dedicated to them on the fashion spot.

The two of them convince me that style is about you wearing the clothes and not the other way around. I'm still learning that, and it shows I guess. I don't care much though. I just want to have fun when I can get away with it.

It's not a bad thing I don't think, fashion is a hit or miss kind of game.

Speaking of hit or miss, I think this editorial is a hit x34324234.... not necessarily going to buy a toilet seat and use it as a fashion accessory but still... it's hilarious. Tanya is a great model for the alien kind of thing. She's just got those huge, gorgeous eyes.

Everything & The Kitchen Sink

Talk about excess.

This post will be interrupted by a family bitchfit over me and my obsession over fashion. Funny, that, considering the jobs they were most successful out they don't want me to have any interest in. Anyway.

I'm going to cut this short so I have something to blog about next post, but it's nice to be back blogging properly. =]

Until next time.

18 March 2008

wooo look what i found.

My day sucked today. I was all over the place, and usually I'm all over the place but in a charming, lovable way, but today it was like I wanted to stuff myself into my locker and bawl my eyes out. I'm not going to go into it in details but wow mood swings suck and I love crying with my gloomy bear. So I went on my blog and read through the comments, because you guys made my days.

I've been having a rough time lately and one of my lovely commenters mentioned a site that you get paid to blog? I love free money and blogging is a high point in my day so I thought I'd check it out. Keep in mind I'm not going to post random things that have to do with visiting so and so or anything that's too out of the subject area I'm blogging about (no one wants to read about debts on a fashion blog, at least I don't) so you needn't worry. =D I'll keep things on topic most of the time, with the occasional random post like I usually do anyway.

I plan to use the money I earn from payperpost for things I'll be blogging about--ebay items! Etsy as well of course, I love etsy jewelery. Shout out to all the etsy jewelery sellers, I've got a whole folder of bookmarks on you lovely ladies and I plan to make a post just for you. Also I plan to buy a lot of chocolate. Because buying chocolate online is the true definition of being lazy and awesome, so I think that'd be pretty cool.

If you're interested in this too, it's ridiculously easy to join and start making money. All you really have to do is pick and choose what opportunities you'd like to take, jot up a post, and of course follow the blog ethics. If you don't want to post about something offered, you can just choose to ignore it. It's a win win situation, which is all kinds of wonderful. You should check it out if you're thinking about blogging or have a blog already; you might make some good money. :)

late night cramming distraction ahhh

8 Things I Am Passionate About

1. fashion. uhdurr.
2. .........cursing? D: wow i really have a bad habit there.
3. nail polish. every day, i must do my nails or i feel incomplete.
4. making people smile.
5. debates! give me something to argue about and i will totally own your ass.
6. volunteering at the local animal shelter.
7. swimming, i guess? i love to win. i live to make the other girls eat my bubbles. (haha lame.)
8. asian culture. i'm not really in tune with the taiwanese culture in my family, sadly enough but i really love all things asian--music, manga, dramas, street style. regular japanophile.

8 Things I Want to Do Before I Die

1. live happily.
2. (insert obscene actions to deal with koreans, many many hot koreans or just one really hot korean in various positions? eh.)
3. live in a foreign place. prague, tokyo, and south korea top my list.
4. open an actual store of my own. pahahaha.
5. own an exotic animal. like the albino ferret i had for awhile. or a monkey. monkeys are cool.
6. get lasik eye surgery. NO BLINDNESS YEAH.
7. go to 300 concerts in a year. i miss you warped tour.
8. get really disgustingly dirt rich and then burn it all. don't give it to charity. don't invest it. just throw it all away.

8 Things I Say Often (not phrases, just adjectives/adverbs)

1. EPIC.
2. fuck.
3. hoskank.
4. jew
5. fail
6. win
7. probably
8. desu

now that i read it over i don't know why i have any friends whatsoever.

8 Books I Have Read Lately

1. salome by oscar wilde
2. the overachievers
3. julius caesar
4. ethan frome
5. slaughterhouse five
6. masquerade
7. uzumaki: volume 3
8. the lion and the lamb (fanfiction)

8 Songs I Could Listen to Over and Over

1. goodbye mr. a by the hoosiers
2. a story of balloons by DBSK
3. anything by the smallfaces
4. innocent sorrow by abington boys school
5. JYONGRI - Possesion (vocal track)
6. pleasure ryland
7. anyone else but you - the moldy peaches
8. fan - epik high

8 Things That Attract Me to My Best Friends

1. they're the exact opposites of me or in one case, the soul sister.
2. they're love me even though i'm 99% of the time an aggressive bitch that blurts out everything before thinking about it! like what i'm typing now.
3. they know i'm insane and aren't surprised when i walk around the neighborhood in a boa and pajamas and a water balloon if only for the story of walking around in said neighborhood in a boa and pajamas with a water balloon.
4. they tell it to me straight when i don't want to hear it.
5. they laugh at me and let me laugh at them (well i laugh at them anyway but whatever.)
6. they occasionally dress well and let me steal their clothes and never return them ever
7. they bring out the best in me
8. they'll always be there when i need them, despite the distance.

16 March 2008

anticrombie hollizombie.


Long time no blog I see! It's pathetic how after thanking you guys for all the hits I repay you by neglecting blogger for 4 days. But anyway, my cold is nearly gone and thank you to all the well wishers. =D You all make me smile.

Anyway, I made my friend take better pictures of her lovely handmade (!) bag noted in last post and describe how she made it.
Taylor says she first made the little owls, and then cut out the outer panel sizes she wanted-- two 11 x 14, two 4 x 11, and one 4 x 14. Then she made two top pieces to put a zipper in, which were approximately 14 x 4 each. After that, she cut the same measurements out of her lining fabric and made pockets.

Then, she took one piece of lining and outer lining that were the same size, and ironed the outer edges so she could sew them easily. One top of each pocket she used seam tape to sew off the rought edge. Then, she had two pockets on the inside and one on the outside for her cell phone (I'm hating her right now for being so amazing at this, seriously) so she sewed the outer pieces so it made a little box. After that she sewed the lining so it would be a little box you shove into the outer box (.......okay then) and then made straps which she doesn't remember the specific length for. She took a piece of the lining of the same length as the straps and pinned it all together to sew them up, and then pinned the straps to the top of the outer layer so the edges would be hidden. Repeated that on the other side. Then she pinned the zippered top part.

After that, you sew one long side of the outer with the straps, repeated that with the inner, and then the short side. Repeat that with the other short side, etc. After that you sew the outer of the other log side and whip stitch the inner on that same side.

No pictures of how she did it but she did provide us with a lot of jealously and drool inducing pictures. Also, she is going to be opening an online crafts shop sometime in the near future and I already have dibs on the first bag. Yeah, I think ahead.

Anyway, yesterday I went shopping with Zoe. It was a gorgeous day out yesterday, so I was naturally going to sit on my ass all day and finish watching My Girl because I'm a lame asian girl with a natural inclination to fangirl profusely on asian actors I don't even share the same language with. Zoe, being the lovely girl that she is, dragged me out of the house and we were mallin' it like the white fashionistas we pretend to be.

Here are some pictures of our adventure in the suck ass mall we're closest to.

These were the shirts we purchased. OF COURSE I'M KIDDING GOSH.. Heh. But seriously, how hideous are these? Oh yes. So vintage. Hardcore thrift score right there. Good going Charlotte Russe. I' totally going to rock it well. Totally.

Yeah, we have like 10 shoe stores in the mall and the gift shop by far had the coolest shoes. I wanted to cry.

The first one scared the crap out of me. It's much scarier up close, I was going to take a close up on her/his/it's deranged expression but people kept on staring and yeah it was awkward and I bet they thought I was a pervert. Honest to god though, the second one looks like it was stolen from an Adult Store. Really. Wow. The one on the right is like, ''What the hell am I doing with these crazy bitches oh my god my life as a mannequin is totally over and this outfit is so ugly oh my god I want to shoot myself ahhhhhh.

I also ended up trying on clothes with Zoe just for fun, particularly this great looking white spring dress from f21. It was one of my fat days and I am going to avoid going to f21 for awhile now because it makes me feel really bad about myself because everything I want I look bad in. Sigh. Those kinds of days suck. =/

All I wanted out of the trip (and all I could afford) was a three pack Hanes Men's V neck T-shirt but the only store I saw it in had them for $11 dollars (?!?!) and Target was all sold out. What the hell.

Weep with me.

sorry for the not-really-fashion-related-mostly-me-ranting-about-my-mall post but I really wanted to share it with you guys. =D

12 March 2008

it's like everyone knows the punch line but me.

First of all, happy 1000+ hits? Pretend someone is hugging you joyously right about now. And now. And then before it gets too awkward, they let go but continue to smile at you a little chesire cat grin and then imagine them prancing around and then you have me!

But anyway, on to the material. Right now, I'm still getting over my cough. (hence me taking pills periodically in class and being accused, not surprisingly, to be a crack addict. whatever. you're just jealous i can take the red pill AND the blue pill.*) So, I'm being cautious with my chioces of daily wear this week because I don't want to be sick when it really gets warm. Read this as: I've been waking up late because of stupid Daylight Savings Time and never have enough of my brain functioning to come up with a decent outfit.

But it's okay, because if I look hard enough at really pretty clothes I can pretend I have it on. These are my choices for pretty imaginary me.

Hundreds of hours (it's handcrafted o_____o) went into each piece from Helena Hörstedt's label and it shows. Although it's not in many colors, I don't think it required anything to make it more interesting. Justs look at it. I can imagine so much being done with every piece., can't you? If I had one of these pieces I'd be walkin' down the street, with really fierce hair and be like, "Hay you, kiss my feet, I am the gothic lolitha Spring Queen of All Things Delicate and Bad-ass."

Everyone is talking about being ecofriendly or at referring to the Earth in some way (cough cough hippie Mischa Barton looking like she's rolled out of a hippie village) and this collection is a step up. Every piece is made from one piece of fabric. London Fashion week is over but they showed this amazing collection titled Estethica, and it featured some great examples of recycled/repurposed materials in designs that are don't impact the environment as much but different contributes to your style. These pieces above are actually designed by Cental St. Martin's grad Mark Liu, has taken sustainable fashion one step further with his ‘zero-waste’ fabric patterns and eco-designs that do just that, waste not a scrap of fabric.

Liu says that 15% of fabric is wasted because of the process of cutting and sewing for garments, so he's created a jigsaw pattern that uses every piece of the fabric he delegates for each piece. Pretty chill eh?

Ahh yes. I found a delightful store on ebay to distract me from my dream jacket that I have been out-bid on. (I told you so.) Anyway, the store's called snowmotions2 I suppose and it has a nice selection of jumpers, dresses, etc at good prices. I think I'll probably purchase something from there when I'm setting up my own store. That, however, will happen in the unforeseen future. I'm still working on it.

Also... is it terrible I think this ''GLAM DISCO SEQUIN JUMPSUIT HAREM PANTS" is fantastic? It probably is, but I don't care. I want it. Now. I am completely ashamed for liking this, it reminds me of external organs. o_o lIf you too share my questionable taste, you can get this for less than a meal at a cheap chinese restaurant! Here.

Edit: My friend made this gorgeous, amazing, owl amazing bag. I'll ask her for the details tommorow's post. :)

Anyway. I'm off to watch more My Girl, which is my current Asian Television Drama fix. (Hana Yori Dango Final ahhhhhhhhhhh come out soon~) 再见!**

* okay so i suck at Matrix jokes. Let's both pretend I never said that.
** pronounced, zuh-eye gee-en. Means bye. If you can't see it, eh, sorry. So. Bye!