19 March 2008

oh pardon me, thou bleeding piece of teen.

last week outfit, found the skort with a matching top in my drawers. my favorite cardigan evar in the history of ever.
i use the belt wayyy too much but i love it.

all thrifted; the shoes are mommy dearest's. you know you dig two hats. (thurs outfit) guh the pants are made of fail though.

Hello, hello pretty people. I'm in a much better mood than yesterday (it could only have gotten better, trust me), how about you? Did you see any gasp worthy outfits, any inspiration? Tell me tell me tell me, I'd love to know what you're inspired by.

Me? I'd like to say I'm inspired by obscure defunct pop bands and (insert really awesomely awesome singer/artist/musician here) but mostly I'll sit on my computer like the nerd I am and surf, surf, surf. Then I go, ''oh wow ___ makes me drool/should father (or mother) my child/i want to rip those pants off of her and have them for myself/wow she makes me really want orange tutu's" and the like. It's something that is happening often lately but then when I go to try on an 'inspired outfit' I draw a blank and end up throwing on any old thing. This is also known as laziness, and you'll be hard pressed to find anyone as lazy as me. But, lately the style I've been digging isn't as complicated as the outfits I usually gravitate towards.

Mostly it's man jeans and blazers. And really good asian hair.

This rambling about my newfound infatuation with 'simplistic' outfits will seem extremely hypocritical later in my post, but bear with me.

Whenever I somehow come into posession of a substantial amount of money, I will immediately drag someone to be my bag mule and buy the following:

  1. a korean
  2. -men's grey levi's. if you're going to go get 'boyfriend' cut, i'm pretty sure you can do just as well with your boyfriend's pants, but all of my guy friend's with good taste are tinier than me or twice my height. so off to the men's section I go.
  3. Pack of men's hane's v-neck tshirts. A few posts back (my most recent decent post tbh). I don't see why I would pay $10 bucks for the pack when you can get it for $7, so this I can wait out. Unfortunately it seems men actually wear said t-shirts so I'll probably be waiting for a long while.
  4. More patterned tights. I have plenty of dark textured tights and not enough Spring appropriate tights. The Sock Drawer has the greatest crazy floral tights but the ones nearest me only sell them in 'Queen Size', so unless I ask Abigail to share my tights buying them is not going to happen.
  5. Proper combat boots. Otherwise known as 'fierce feet'. My lame name for them can be excused, the pure awesomeness that comes up lace up, buckled, and wickedly badass black boots can not be. I want the one's I saw on cutesygirl, but I doubt they'll be there by the time I come into money so it'll probably be a more expensive ebay purchase.
  6. A white, virginal spring dress. So I can pair it with my leather jackets and boots, along with the floral tights.
  7. High waisted shorts. Preferably with big, sailor type buttons. The one's F21 has in store are lovely but I classify them into the really weird underwear category because you'd have to have no ass at all or have the shortest legs ever to be able to wear them without pulling a Britney.
  8. Jumpers, a la kova&T.
  9. Crazy crazy random buttons and socks and jewlery. Accessories with simple outfits can punch up an outfit.
  10. Anything from Alexander Wang's collaboration with Uniqlo. Gah. All stops will be pulled, all favors called in and babies held for ransom to get even a wiff of the collaboration. If only to take pictures for the blog, I will go and check out the clothes personally and hopefully be able to afford a piece when it's revealed.
  11. The perfect blazer. There are many of these, all of them elusive and wickedly expensive. I'm looking for a fitted, form fitting blazer preferably with Burberry type buttons or just a simple black one I can wear with anything. It's really a great piece to have and unfortunately I just don't have the one I can see myself wearing practically.
I wore 'my hat' today and my paolo santini cheetah leotard. i'm pretty sure this article is the reason why. I hadn't even remembered reading it until I checked my bookmarks too! Lou's such a great inspiration as well as her sister (who's in fact my lovely banner girl, ha ha ha). You can find pictures and the like on the threads dedicated to them on the fashion spot.

The two of them convince me that style is about you wearing the clothes and not the other way around. I'm still learning that, and it shows I guess. I don't care much though. I just want to have fun when I can get away with it.

It's not a bad thing I don't think, fashion is a hit or miss kind of game.

Speaking of hit or miss, I think this editorial is a hit x34324234.... not necessarily going to buy a toilet seat and use it as a fashion accessory but still... it's hilarious. Tanya is a great model for the alien kind of thing. She's just got those huge, gorgeous eyes.

Everything & The Kitchen Sink

Talk about excess.

This post will be interrupted by a family bitchfit over me and my obsession over fashion. Funny, that, considering the jobs they were most successful out they don't want me to have any interest in. Anyway.

I'm going to cut this short so I have something to blog about next post, but it's nice to be back blogging properly. =]

Until next time.