09 March 2008

dazed and dazzled (gag gag gag gag gag)

edit: imagevenue was being stupid, i reuploaded them. apologies!

Since I've been pestered by many a-lurker through AIM to post something for today, I guess people actually do read my blog other than those who--

HAHAHAHA another one pestering. Boo.

Anyway, on to the material. I have subscriptions to three magazines. Wired, New York, and Alternative Press (well, manage to get them eventually so that counts). I would love a subscription to NYLON, i-D, FRUiTS, or Elle Korea, Lula, and then I happened upon Dazed & Confused. I am in love with the latest issues spreads.

I'm particularly infatuated with the menswear editorial. I printed it all out and now it's gracing my wall of ever-growing editorials and inspirational photos. It's not interesting background wise, but that doesn't mean the styling doesn't kick ass. Isn't it fantastic?

Thats a rhetorical question. Damn right it's fantastic. The fact one of my favorite male models is gracing Dazed's shiny glossy pages also helps. I mean come on. Adrien is ridiculously good looking. Presenting to you, Shanty Town.

Other edits I liked:

Flower Power. Jordan is such a BEAUTIFUL model, I really want to see more of her on the runways. Alien blondes kind of piss me off with their never ending army of replicas. This is why I prefer Japanese RTW's more than their counterparts--they tend to use more Asian and African American models.

I'm saving the best for last, however. Presenting...


So many ideas and flowers and spring and ahhhdhfdsf I'm fast becoming an illiterate mess if I'm not so already. I was going to write a post up on Dries van Noten's last runway alone, but this pretty much sums up it's wonderfully bold chaos. If you're going to do a pattern, I say do it bold and they went for it. I check out their past season's RTWs and I really do adore their Fall and Spring 08. And those shoes and socks in this photoshoot... it's easy to do and pretty! I can't wait to wear my floral tights with sandals. Also, if those knee protectorcapthingswhateveryoucall it remind me of my pink racing bike. Also the fact I always get called a hooker on said pink racing bike. Good times.

And that last shot? It actually made me want to buy the Balenciaga. So what if it looks like a spacesuit? IT'S A RAD. SPACESUIT.

Overall the entire shoot reminded me of Stephanie and Susie for their amazing usage of florals. Also, the poses screamed Steph in a good way. Hah, I really feel compelled to wear every thing I own floral tommorow and just ignore the fact my cold SUCKS.

Also, these


p.s If anyone can send me an invite to become a member of the fashion spot, I'll love you forever and send you brownies and bow ties.


Baggy jeans, I HATE YOU. You make butts disappear everywhere, when I could be looking at very agreeable butts. WHY?! You don't deserve to be $158. Go crawl up into a corner and starve yourself, you poor excuse for clothing.


Stephanie said...

Haha, I like those poses! The florals are pretty sweet too.
But I don't mind baggy jeans, actually. Some guys just look better in 'em.

The Clothes Horse said...

Why is the Fashion Spot so exclusive, I just want in because it keeps showing up in google searches of topics I'm interested in!
It's so hard for me to where jeans, but they work for the club. ^_^

Kira Fashion said...

hello dear,
great last adds!!
a kiss and a hug for you!

you are in my links of the day!

coco said...

For some reason I can't see your pics! I'll try again later

Belle said...

stephanie- i thought you would, haha. the florals are pretty sweet, i do love my pale florals but sometimes i'd rather scream it.

ugh i know, i want in so bad. x_x; if anything us bloggers should be able to reply to topics we're interested in.

thanks so much kira, you made my day!

coco- ah i fixed that, they eventually didn't show up for me either.

Gloria said...

wow, great post...i love that model.

Ediot said...

great post with cool pictures.

Kira Fashion said...

so amazing Jordan, it´s like she is an Sculpture....

a kiss and a hug,
thanks a lot for keeping in touch,


Cool Urbanite. said...

Loveee florals! And in those pictures it looks so cool and soo spring!
And J. Dunn is becoming a topper next to C. Iman :) And I must say that shoot looks more interesting then all the Europian magazine shoots! Just look how gorgeous the colors from the dress come trough! All because of Dunn.

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

wow those pictures are so inspiering, I love the last one the best, stunning!

Belle said...

thanks for the comments ladies. <3

yes, jordan is beautiful. i'm looking for most edits featuring her, although the ones with chanel iman are in abundance.

AsianCajuns said...

Great post! I've never seen a copy of Elle Korea - do they have them at Borders or BN?

Belle said...

Thanks! I'm not sure about Barnes & Noble but if you go to a big enough Borders, you'll probably find it. I did see Elle Korea at my 'local' borders, which is really like an hour drive away. You can probably call up your local B&N or Borders to find out.

coco said...

i can see the pictures now hahaha
i like patchwork too

Belle said...

=D yay! i had hoped switching image hosts would help. glad you liked it too.

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