08 March 2008

i am either wonderwoman or i have a second uterus.


Yesterday was pretty hectic, for the most part of it I wanted to crawl up into a corner and die; I'm sick as a dog. Right now my bag is full of pills liquid oranges and DESPAIR. But for some reason I got a lot of comments on my outfit today--well, more than usual.

Outfit: high waisted skirt - H&m. Heather gray tshirt - Syms. Bergdorf Goodman belt. Liz Claiborn rose vest - goodwill. Green bomber jacket - mothers design. Black sheer tights, random sock store. Apologies for the all around crap.

I like how this outfit easily transferred from day to night. Unfortunately it was raining cats & dogs for the most part of the day so I probably looked like an idiot at 9 at night walking around,
whatever. The magic of an umbrella does wonders.

Even though I was sick (and still am) I did attend my friends art opening. It was a small gathering when I came but it did get livelier around 8:30 when Alex showed up. Plenty of nice kids there although I'm sad it was such a small venue, Gregory deserves to be shown in the local
museum (Jersey City Museum, you suck at supporting local artists. My hair salon does a better job than you, and unfortunately I'm not kidding.) I did make some new friends and one of which is a tv producer / artist that's interested in commisioning me for costume design, which is pretty cool.

Also, this might be random to you, but every Russian boy (most of the people at the showing were Russian, actually) I meet is fantastical. I felt ridiculously short and asian amongst them all, but they're very nice and i want their legs. Skinny skinny skinny! And curly hair.

This would be where pictures would be had I thought to use my sidekick camera. Alas, I am not blessed with such moments of genius. Sasha's a photographer so he did snap some pics, I'll ask him to send them here.

Funniest (and most unfortunate) part of the night had to be when Marissa (was showing her work, also for sale) got a call and was informed that

1) her house was on fire
2) her mother in law2 might have offed herself
in said house and also
3) killed their cats.

She was flailing about telling this to us and managed to hit a four year old in the face with a
photograph and Alex had to do the matrix to avoid it. Husband of said Marissa did not seemed surprised in the slightest.

Ahhhhhh my throat hurts so. Off to crawl back into the shadows of my
tomb. Cheerio.

For information on Gregory, the artist, here's his site. I love his watercolors. His sculptures are fantastic as well.

And just because I'm bored and I like them. Oh yeah work it you sexy talented things.

I'll post something you'll actually feel compelled to read later on the day when I'm not emitting an aura of drug induced wooziness.