08 March 2008

fashion as art.

Fashion is only the attempt to realize art in living forms and social intercourse.

It's common knowledge that fashion imitates art--and of course sometimes art imitates fashion. These looks by threeASFOUR is both art and fashion, forever. The season that each piece is made don't matter to me; everything is just beautiful. I lean toward the more neutral colors in each collection, but the leggings caught my eye and immediately reminded me of the leggings on sale at BRITTIQUE. Perhaps they're the same ones, I haven't a mind to check.

I love the jacket in the first picture, and the way it somehow matches the leggings--and oh, the things I would do with those leggings. I think I like their Spring Collections so much because they're experiemental and lean towards the avant garde, its not your typical composition. But rather than the techniques make the clothes look well, like they've been put through a shredder and had a $76453 price tag added on, they look polished and sleek. Even the more colorful pieces (the middle dress, of course) don't stray into the chaos that one might expect. The second outfit is just....love. I reminds me of Comme de Garcons, in a very very good way. As for the last outfit, it's strange but I very rarely wear white with khakis (I had enough of that in my grammar schcool uniform, thanks) but this compels me to try it out once more. It's definitely in the cut of the pants, the sleek lines of the shirt. Simple. Elegant. Romantic.

ThreeASFOUR's 07 Spring Collection has some gorgeous pants as well--they remind me of Galliano's balloon pants of this past show. Perhaps Galliano took some inspiration from them? Observe.

Anyway, I realize my discovery of this line might be late but that doesn't prevent me from loving them. Their looks are perfect for spring (and their winter collection has some killer coats) with some fantastic pumps or boots.

Check out their website here and a video of their FW08 RW here.