18 March 2008

wooo look what i found.

My day sucked today. I was all over the place, and usually I'm all over the place but in a charming, lovable way, but today it was like I wanted to stuff myself into my locker and bawl my eyes out. I'm not going to go into it in details but wow mood swings suck and I love crying with my gloomy bear. So I went on my blog and read through the comments, because you guys made my days.

I've been having a rough time lately and one of my lovely commenters mentioned a site that you get paid to blog? I love free money and blogging is a high point in my day so I thought I'd check it out. Keep in mind I'm not going to post random things that have to do with visiting so and so or anything that's too out of the subject area I'm blogging about (no one wants to read about debts on a fashion blog, at least I don't) so you needn't worry. =D I'll keep things on topic most of the time, with the occasional random post like I usually do anyway.

I plan to use the money I earn from payperpost for things I'll be blogging about--ebay items! Etsy as well of course, I love etsy jewelery. Shout out to all the etsy jewelery sellers, I've got a whole folder of bookmarks on you lovely ladies and I plan to make a post just for you. Also I plan to buy a lot of chocolate. Because buying chocolate online is the true definition of being lazy and awesome, so I think that'd be pretty cool.

If you're interested in this too, it's ridiculously easy to join and start making money. All you really have to do is pick and choose what opportunities you'd like to take, jot up a post, and of course follow the blog ethics. If you don't want to post about something offered, you can just choose to ignore it. It's a win win situation, which is all kinds of wonderful. You should check it out if you're thinking about blogging or have a blog already; you might make some good money. :)