12 March 2008

it's like everyone knows the punch line but me.

First of all, happy 1000+ hits? Pretend someone is hugging you joyously right about now. And now. And then before it gets too awkward, they let go but continue to smile at you a little chesire cat grin and then imagine them prancing around and then you have me!

But anyway, on to the material. Right now, I'm still getting over my cough. (hence me taking pills periodically in class and being accused, not surprisingly, to be a crack addict. whatever. you're just jealous i can take the red pill AND the blue pill.*) So, I'm being cautious with my chioces of daily wear this week because I don't want to be sick when it really gets warm. Read this as: I've been waking up late because of stupid Daylight Savings Time and never have enough of my brain functioning to come up with a decent outfit.

But it's okay, because if I look hard enough at really pretty clothes I can pretend I have it on. These are my choices for pretty imaginary me.

Hundreds of hours (it's handcrafted o_____o) went into each piece from Helena Hörstedt's label and it shows. Although it's not in many colors, I don't think it required anything to make it more interesting. Justs look at it. I can imagine so much being done with every piece., can't you? If I had one of these pieces I'd be walkin' down the street, with really fierce hair and be like, "Hay you, kiss my feet, I am the gothic lolitha Spring Queen of All Things Delicate and Bad-ass."

Everyone is talking about being ecofriendly or at referring to the Earth in some way (cough cough hippie Mischa Barton looking like she's rolled out of a hippie village) and this collection is a step up. Every piece is made from one piece of fabric. London Fashion week is over but they showed this amazing collection titled Estethica, and it featured some great examples of recycled/repurposed materials in designs that are don't impact the environment as much but different contributes to your style. These pieces above are actually designed by Cental St. Martin's grad Mark Liu, has taken sustainable fashion one step further with his ‘zero-waste’ fabric patterns and eco-designs that do just that, waste not a scrap of fabric.

Liu says that 15% of fabric is wasted because of the process of cutting and sewing for garments, so he's created a jigsaw pattern that uses every piece of the fabric he delegates for each piece. Pretty chill eh?

Ahh yes. I found a delightful store on ebay to distract me from my dream jacket that I have been out-bid on. (I told you so.) Anyway, the store's called snowmotions2 I suppose and it has a nice selection of jumpers, dresses, etc at good prices. I think I'll probably purchase something from there when I'm setting up my own store. That, however, will happen in the unforeseen future. I'm still working on it.

Also... is it terrible I think this ''GLAM DISCO SEQUIN JUMPSUIT HAREM PANTS" is fantastic? It probably is, but I don't care. I want it. Now. I am completely ashamed for liking this, it reminds me of external organs. o_o lIf you too share my questionable taste, you can get this for less than a meal at a cheap chinese restaurant! Here.

Edit: My friend made this gorgeous, amazing, owl amazing bag. I'll ask her for the details tommorow's post. :)

Anyway. I'm off to watch more My Girl, which is my current Asian Television Drama fix. (Hana Yori Dango Final ahhhhhhhhhhh come out soon~) 再见!**

* okay so i suck at Matrix jokes. Let's both pretend I never said that.
** pronounced, zuh-eye gee-en. Means bye. If you can't see it, eh, sorry. So. Bye!