06 March 2008

jumbled up nicely and you're paying for therapy.

Instead of an outfit post, I thought I'd let you know what I'm obsessing over this week/month/whatever/bananas. Absorb. Reflect. Get me a pair of those boots.

The photos on the top left are of course from the great and epic Sartorialist, and are my favorite well... my favorite in awhile. The umbrella's pretty much just an umbrella I want, so I can prance around in the ever-present rain and be like, "Oh! Me? Fashion Fairy? Why thank you and here is a light dusting of the rain from my umbrella wand because I am just so awesome and kind. Tee hee. *prance prance*"

Engbirks SS08 collection blew me away. It's full of androgynous pieces that appeal to any one with an appreciation for menswear while keeping a touch of femininity. A nice article on them can be found here, and the line's website is here.

You already know about my growing obssession with kova&T, so I won't bother explaining them other than: FGHJKJHGPLEASE. Next to the lovely collection is just a really squished mob of looks for spring--tribal, floral,and neon are going to be a fad (like every spring, really). These are all relatively easy to emulate with vintage dresses and if you've got them, gypsy skirts. And the shoes are... well.... that puddle you're sitting in is my drool. Sorry.

Anyway, it's time for a nice long bath after slaving over this collage. I feel like a fourth grader cum cubicle worker. Bubbles are waiting!