01 March 2008

All Hail the Queen.

I went shopping today with my aunt as it's her birthday next week and she wanted to splurge on herself. That she did--we went to Syms (took ages, jesus christ) which is an Outlet store with fantastical pricing, and she spent hundreds of dollars. I wanted to cry. xD The dresses were all gorgeous, but even if that Michael Kors dress if $69 dollars marked down from $200 I simply can't afford it. I did come back with something though. I didn't expect her to buy me anything, but she just took whatever I had in my hand at the time and put it on the receipt. I should have put that effing Kors dress on there, damn it. xD Ah well, I'm very happy with my free clothes.

I got the heather gray t-shirt (Kenzie) and the insanely weird skirt worn a dress (and skirt) today. The white leather slip ons I got along with a bunch of other shoes as a gift. Pearls from Saks Fifth Avenue, belt from my closet.

The skirt is madness. It was on the clearance rack 60% off, hanging along. I didn't know if it was a really skanky top or a long skirt, so I went and asked random people because I was bored and for some reason I enjoy talking to strangers in retail outlets. The majority consensus was that is was a skirt ("egh, thats a skirt" "who the fuck are you?" "are you lost?" "that's a skirt, sweetie. *sympathetic smile*") so I tried it on and I was endlessly amused by the crinkles. I hate crinkles and shiny shirt fabric. So of course I had to have it.

Also, I was given a sample of Matthew Williamson's perfume and I want it immediately. It smells like....well, I can't explain it very well but these people can. I don't care if it's been out for a long time, it's just gorgeous. I'm going into Sephora on the daily to get a spritz. Anyway.....moving on.

I must say, Alexander McQueen is my newest hero (or more so, anyway). For Fashion's Sake has made an excellent summarizing post on it, so I'll direct you kindly to her. Style has quoted McQueen's explanation on the collection:

"I've got a 600-year-old elm tree in my garden," he said, "and I made up this story of a girl who lives in it and comes out of the darkness to meet a prince and become a queen."

Just for some teasers on the post and the runway itself. Try not to faint.

I can't think of anything to possibly top that. Simply put, ''All hail McQueen."


Wendy said...

We can bow down to McQueen together!

Can I have your aunt please? That skirt is cute!

bianca banca said...

thanks for the comment!! just to clarify, you were talking about the black&white striped shirt from my last post....right? ha, im pretty sure thats what im gonna wear when i go to pick up my danish exchange student from the airport...i want to make a good impression.ha
sounds like you had fun with your aunt, and that skirt/dress is great, its a lovely color!! I personally like it best as a dress, but either way works!!

oh, and this was my first round of SAT's, so i can retake them!!!

Belle said...

yes that's the one i meant. exchange student? ahhh lucky, everyone has cool foreigners visiting right now, i'm so jealous. if it's your first round then no sweat, i was worried for you! i know you'll do fine though.

wendy: sorry, she's all mine haha.

thanks for the comments guys.

coco said...

I love the skirt
It looks great worn as a dress

saray said...

amazing skirt
really cute!

Zoƫ said...

lucky hoeeeee
ugh i need to go shopping so bad
but I have like NO money and my parents are all 'YOU HAVE TOO MANY CLOTHES'.....

hey guess what I made a new post, arent you proud of me?

The Clothes Horse said...

Free clothes are divine.

Cool Urbanite. said...

I am not totally diggin McQueen, but seeing this collection I think he is kinda cool. The models truely look like queens of their-own-name country. And I think these pieces will look good in costume musicals or whatever!

Belle said...

coco and saray - thanks! i can't wait until spring so i can actually wear it outside without having my limbs freeze off.

zoe- BLESS MY HEART, CHILD. BLESS MY HEART. i think a tear just slipped out. oh, i might be organizing a clothes swap soon so chillaxxx.

yeah, i think i like the runway because it's so unreal and dramatic--i can see queen elizebeth stomping around in the last outfit lookin' fierce.

On Track said...

Oh wow, you posted such a great collection of images.

I agree with everyone else, that skirt is ADORABLE :)

Belle said...

thanks so much. x3