29 February 2008

where's the G theme? (and run away, DMC!)

Ahh, the invisible friday. Today was not supposed to exist. One would expect to you know, make the most out of an extra day of the year to do things insane, and then the next day be like, "I ran off a 45 story building and landed safely using an anorak as a parachute? There was no yesterday! It does not exist on a regular calendar! Silly tool."

But no. I spent it swimming HCIAA Championships. (Warning: my life and not about fashion, if you don't want to read it skip this paragraph.) I did come and break my personal best (29.1 seconds 50 free; school record in medley; 1st place 2nd place (2), 3rd place, but I wanted to do something crazy! Like skydive into a pool of jello! I'm going to have to settle by making a bikini out of all the medals and plaques I've gotten this swim season. That will make up for it.

I realize I haven't posted my outfits in awhile, so here they are in all their mediocre glory.

Gah, it makes me sad that the pictures never do the clothes justice. or one, the scarf was actually a belt during one part of the day because of school dress code (no studs on pants.). Also, the shirt is my favorite shirt in the world. It's got bell sleeves, and is just flowy and feminine enough to wear with plain pants and have an outfit right there. I purchased the vest at a children's clothing stall on Canal Street some time ago.

The leather jacket was designed and made by my mother. Everything--the inside plaid, the cocker spaniel buttons, the cut--all chosen by my mother for me before I could even fit into it. I'm disappointed in how pathetic these pictures are, but at least you can see the jacket. It's definitely going to be a staple in my spring wardrobe, I love it to death.

Right now, I'm drooling over all the jewlery over at Paraphernalia, an online jewelery store specializing in seriously graphic jewerelery. I recognize the heart necklace from a picture of the Cherry Blossom Girl; but in truth I'm in love with bow (tie) necklaces just as much. Worn with a simple shirt and leather jacket, I can definitely see myself wearing them. It's all relatively affordable for jewlery too--$20+.

They have a variety of neclaces and brooches--animals, cameras, etc. It's all very cute.

And wait wait wait, hold on a minute.

The Sart does it again. Okay, maybe I just like this picture because she looks like a cooler version of me, slightly more hipster. It's the necklace that did it for me. Is this not love? I think I want to move to Paris and investigate if we were seperated at birth. Ignore the fact she's just perfect looking and I'm giving myself a huge amount of credit myself. She's just so cool.

Lately I've been paying more attention to shoes in part because I have blisters on blisters and I don't like to wear my favorite boots (my outfit above features them) down, especially because of how much they originally cost. My friend Therese had these gorgeous, stunning, insane pair of lace up boots that made me drop my bag of chips when I saw them. Which is saying something because my hands were turning blue from the cold during lunch.

Oh yeah. Work it. It pains me to know that these are only $13.99. Yes. Online. $13.99. I almost don't want to post the link to where to buy them, because I want them all to myself. But since I'm such a nice person, I guess I can sacrifice these. Get 'em here while quantities last.

While I'm at it, I'm going to make a collage of shoes, because I can. Just not tonight...my eyeballs might be bleeding from lack of sleep. Goodnight!

Ahh....and banners. I'm looking for a spread, it reminded me of hippies and spring and I can't seem to find it. Eh, I want to make a spring themed banner to lighten up the blog a bit. Any suggestions? Or should I leave it how it is? It's a bit dark.

Z....... tired. Good night.


bewkworm said...

damn, that Paraphernalia stuff is the sexiest shit I think I've ever seen, and I have seen some pretty sexy-ass shit, if I do say so. Lets find out where they live and rob'em blind, so I can be decked out in teeth and brains and giraffes.

Fabi said...

your mother made and designed that jacket?!!! goodness, I love it! and you look great!
and I know what you mean about pics not doing outfits any justice, especially with black items (details dont show ughh)...heheh,
Im so glad you commented on my blog btw!! xoxoxo
Im linking you =)

Zoë said...

You quoted me

forfashion said...

Those are awesome outfits! I'm loving the jacket that your mom designed!
Im adding you to my blogroll.

visit my blog at http://forfashion.wordpress.com

Belle said...

thanks for the comments friends. =D and abigail, i'm going to charge you again for every time you curse. I don't care, only I'm allowed to be the surly one. you're too waifish.

zoe: yes, don't you feel honored? it was between yours and marks quote: "GET UP TO MY LEVELLLLLLL" but I'm saving his for something special.

fabi: nonono, thank you! i'm addicted to your blog.

forfashion: thanks so much! thank you for the linkage as well.

Wendy said...

Thanks for the link to Cutesygirl! The shoes are pretty awesome, but its highly unlikely that I will be able to make any purchases. My parents don't believe in online shopping. They are so lame.

aschlee said...

ooh cute outfits. I love the vest in the second outfit! It's reminds me of something Kate moss would wear (i mean that in a good way :P) The leather jacket is really cute too, kudos to your mom :)

Belle said...

wendy: no problem, my pleasure. =D my parents are the same way--with good reason because my one and only purchase i have to resell.

aschlee: thanks so much! i'll send her the kudos promptly.

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