14 February 2008

nerdbait and ferrerro roche hoarder. what could be better?

Happy Single's Awareness Day! How did you spend it? Not being single? Single and hoarding chocolates and carnations? If you did something like the second choice, you are in excellent company. Meaning, me. Congratulations, you're that much cooler!

My outfit was the exact opposite of my post from yesterday, it was very Liz Claiborne (as my father remarked....while he was talking about the new Thom Browne collection, and reminiscing on how when he was cool they were good friends.......were. Huh.) I wore a long, full, green skirt with a purple ascot top tucked in and a vintage belt, with a shiny...silver-biege ish sweater tha covered it completely. It reminded me of Japaneses baggy style. Which is why I wore it. I wanted to feel Japanese. I ended up feeling like a Hawaiian Hippy. Oh well.

I personally liked Joey/Abigail/Minion's outfit better. So I took a picture.

Too bad her feet are two sizes bigger than mine (maybe it balances out the size of our ego's?) because I would be on those cowboys boots faster than you could blink. And I'm going to be borrowing that skirt constantly this spring. Oh yes. Ican'twaitican'twaitican'twaittillspring.

Truth be told, when I met her freshman year I went over to her because I thought her skirt and boots were cool. That's why we're friends right now, those boots. Materialistic but HEY. IT WORKED OUT. Right? Judging by the number of fights we had today I guess it did.

Oh yes, I have a Spring thrift trip in the making! A certain someone gave me $50 that I will be putting to good use at the local thrift stores and you can be sure I am beyond itching to get my fingers on the racks. I have some items to trade in as well so I shouldn't have to spend too much. Florals shoes oxfords lace leather goldjumpsuitsohmy! I want to go now.

Speaking of gold jumpsuits, I found a pretty funky leotard in my closet by Paolo Santini. It's leopard print velvet.

Can you say brilliant?

And now I'm getting a toothache, so I'm going to dream about this bag because i miss my old leather tote:

$645 at Active Endeavors. It makes me wish for my free leather tote bag even more now. Le sigh.