02 February 2008

house of holland, please turn into a box of holland so i can afford you.

Alright, I've always had an infatuation with slogan t-shirts, and my love has only escalated for them when I first saw a House of Holland t-shirt on a kid on cobrasnake's picture site. I am by no means a party animal (at least, decent parties... @_@ alas, i am but a mere sophomore and an asian one at that. the stereotypes, the horror......) but when I see those pictures coupled with a Holland t'shirt I'm pretty much set to dance to whatever is on the radio.

Enlarge that for a nice bit on the designer and the international it-girl, Agyness Deyn. I love that girl, I kind of miss her blonde hair but she rocks the dark locks just as much.

The House of Holland t-shirt craze is kind of old news (they've been hot for the past two seasons, even Teen Vogue has them in their alphabet summarizing what's been hot for 2007) but I am so in love with the line I couldn't really resist. This post has been in my head since I even started the blog..... Abigail'll vouch for that, she was very close to throwing me out the window in our Computer Class every other week when I fawned over the site. ("ABIGAIL COME HERE LOOK AT THAT PRO SHIRT MAN")

My favorite shirt my far is the giles deacon fashion groupie shirt. coming a close second is the heidi slimane tshirt.

I wish the euro wasn't owning the american dollar's ass, I really truly do. It's roughly $90 dollars for either of this shirts, which is far more than I have ever paid for a shirt in my life. I have half a mind to just DIY the whole thing, but then the magic is kind of lost--I want to feel like Aggy.

My god, my voice probably went up an octave there.

Meh, even though the shirts are out of my price range right now, I will get one in the future--just not in the immediate one.

Does it seem foolish to spend so much on a shirt? How much have you spent on a shirt, what made you decide to splurge on it?

A few more of my favorite shirts (again, UK brands.... curse you, exchange rate scum!) are from youreyelie. They cost less, ranging from $40 US and up, so maybe I'll get these sooner than I think. Still, if I can find something a vintage store that costs less but reminds me of them I'm going to pick it up with no regrets.

In no particular order, my favorites on the site:

1) Kings Head by youreyeslie clothing brand; $40 US
2) Keef by DESTROY POP; $35 US

the third one is DRUGS SAVED MY LIFE. Ha. Do you see a pattern in the shirts I like? Keep in mind these are just my top faves, I didn't feel the need to list the whole site..... I would buy all the shirts in a heartbeat, though.

Moving on.

Some necklaces I've been eyeing:

1) Sunglasses necklaces by Mafia, $40 and limited stock
2) I Love You Envelope locket with letter; $17 dollars at etsy. Her entire shop is amazing, I strongly reccommend you check out the other necklaces she has there. I am in love. This necklace is a perfect gift for V-Day coming up as well.
3) Petite Salope necklaces by Locher's, $65 US. The entire site is almost sold out, a sale is going on and you better go now before this years style's are gone. Notorious for the naughty saying on ladylike shirts, this necklace is no different. Ah, a little slut on a necklace never looked so damn cute.

People are bugging me to post, so I'll just save what I'm about to say for later dates. See you tommorow!