25 February 2008

it's better than the easter bunny.

As promised, scans from NY Mag. It's my first shot at scanning something properly, so I hope it's alright. Click to enlarge, as usual. I recognied the Rodarte dress immediately from the whispy melancholy color (can a color even be melancholic? Meh, it's a well enough description methinks) but the way the ballet dancer put it on display took my breath away. I hope you can appreciate it just as much as me, despite the scanner.

The second dress is as the description state, ''Organza dress, $950 at Diane von Furstenburg." I never really looked into anything other than her trademark wrap-dresses. She was one of the first designers I really obsessed over even before I became a fashion addict, so that just goes to show how little I've really check up on her over time.

I wrote the obligatory and inevitable Oscar In Review on my other blog, Retro Splash. It's pretty nice, go see.

This was the best moment of the Oscars, though. No lie:

Free e-shoes if you know who they are. (Invisible free shoes. Ohsnap.)