23 February 2008

the snow machine is a weapon in my mothers hands.

so we had a snow day today. i woke up, put on classical music, went to sleep with the snowflakes, and then woke up and stared at the snow some more. One of the things I love about my room (maybe the only thing actually) is the view over the park. I have a killer view of the park from my window, it's like my backyard only random drunk strangers might sleep in it sometimes in the summer and I don't really think people have that happen in their backyard normally.

My apologies for not taking a picture when the snow was still pristine, there isn't much point now since it's dark and the snow's been walked on so it's not as pretty.

I spent the rest of the day being a living radiator for my cat in the kitchen and puttering around the intarwebz in my sweats and crooked glasses. I am well on my way into becoming a crazy cat lady, make no mistake.

What I thought you might like to read:

Blogs Can Kill Brands from ideasonideas. I found this article through another site, I think it was Bits and Bobbins? I don't quite remember, but later on today or tommorow I will try to retrace my steps. The website is a great fnd and I'm reading through them all, slowly but surely. This article is right on the dot. Blogs are the new 'thing'--word of mouth, or rather, a blog post, can totally change your view on a brand or at least manipulate you. Blogs radically impact my view on fashion and style and I have them on just as high a pedastal as designers, actually. So this hits home. The article talks mainly about car dealerships, but you can translate the main idea into other buying experiences easily.

UNDERBARACLARA. Absolutely. effing. ridiculous. "Oh look I have this amazing blog and an amazing house and an amazing dog and an amazing haircut and oh by the way I have the wardrobe of a goddess. Would you like to pretend you can read my words of wisdom?" Read my lips: Not. fair. My newest inspiration and style icon. Also I would like her house and all worldly possessions as my own. Preferably yesterday. Thank you.

Craftster wallets from magazines tutorial. I saw some awhile back at the Hoboken Arts and Music Festival at a lovely crafts booth and I fell in love. The price tag made me fall out of love. Knowing they couldn't be that hard to make (and certainly not worth the $15 price tag when I only had $20 to spend) it's nice to know that if I e v e r get insanely, incredibly bored and by some chance of luck, craftsy I can make my very own Prada wallet. Ha.

Freebies. I have a bunch of fabric and a dress form lying around in my house, and I have to make curtains for my new windows anyway because my parents sure as hell aren't going to buy them when they can make them (not like they will. It's obvious procrastination is hereditary.) so I can just lay aside some of the nicer fabric for a tunic, since my mum said she'll teach me...eventually. Ignore the fact I can barely sew and the last two (from this exhibit, it's fascinating) are ridiculously complicated.

My favorite etsy shop of the moment:

Her jackets are made salvaged materials using 'experimental methods'--basically, she just designs and adds as she makes them, no plans or anything. I found her on craftsy, and she's a very down to earth, curious person. She moves from one jacket type to another based on people's suggestions, and these are borne from other craftsy user's suggestions. I love everything.