18 February 2008

it's like there's a second ceiling.

my apologies for the lack of updates, i've been without the laptop and my cell phone for awhile. also, i opted for comfort over style this weekend. this shirt i am wearing is the bomb at the former. And to be truthful, I've been more interested in looking at these runways more than how to recreate them myself:

Every look is easily thrifted, but the individual pieces aren't your typical runway aesthetic, but maybe that's just my runway-n00bness shining through. When I think of RTW on Runways it's usually polished, sleek.... not what I see here. These runways exude personality, vintage, quirk, and a style thats very hard to pull off. Which is why I both love it and hate it.

It's frustrating how the looks are so deceptively simple; so easily attainable. But the individual pieces are hard to find, and quite frankly lately I haven't been able to put together an outfit with pieces I normally could combine to make something I like. I have a specific vision for outfits I want to wear and right now it's just hard to piece together. Right now I'd rather just buy that style from the runways.

I want to have that runway wardrobe. Every time I see something that is that ugly-pretty, quirky but drop-dead stylish, it's like I have just been proposed to by a dozen male models. But at the same time, attaining this level of style is harder than it looks. I could just throw on a random sweater, patterned shorts and insane tights, but would the effect be the same? I'm learning as I experiment that it's not just what you wear but how you wear it. Models are paid for their walk, how they show off the clothes, but I am of course no model and I lack their talent when it comes to that VOOSHBUYTHISIT'SSEXY factor. I don't want to be a model, but I want to look good in clothess that would reduce other people to anxiety attacks. Okay, maybe not anxiety attacks. Maybe just shallow breaths.

This girl is who I want to be at this very moment: (from Facehunter.)

Hedge fund daughters and young money teenagers have it so easy. They can buy the whole look and not have to think about anything. I only really understood that until I read this article, though. I don't respect hedge fund kids for their fashion sense half as much as normal people, really..... which reminds me of something else.

What puts people on the front pages of newspapers and fashion blogs? There's a formula to it, certainly....their clothes, their attitude, their faces. But what exactly is that formula? I want to be as fearless as them. I want to sit down with them and know their secrets. When I'm old I want to be the insane bat lady that everyone is both scared of and loves likes their own mother.

Pretty much, I want to be like this when I'm old and wrinkly:

No words describe how wicked rad and scary this photoshoot from foto_decadent is. For serious. It's insane.

This post is also amazing in a different way (meaning, black and white and not half as squirm inducing) you definitely need to see it.


I've decided I'm just going to wear what I see in my closet for awhile. I don't care if it clashes, looks mental, or whatever. I just don't want to feel bland. Being overdone is better than being forgotten.