05 February 2008

are you a victorian version of a party girl?

& Number 5, but I was bored so I 'improved' it.

Shirt: It's the one I got from F21 a week or so ago? $20 bucks, but on a gift card.
Green Velvet Skirt: My mum made it for herself in high school.
Tights: Random sock place, $4 bucks
The Best Shoes Ever: Grandmom's riding boots. A close up.

A lot of girls thought it was a dress, I guess it's because the texture and color of the shirt and the belt are so similar. The skirt is really dark green, these were the best pictures that gave a hint of the color.

I'm itching to buy these silver leggings. They're only 13 bucks in total, which is pretty good considering how much thye are at other stores. I think I'll ask my parents. And I am definitely going to starting selling stuff on ebay soon. Nothing big, just to get things going so I can get the hang of it. What's probably going into the 'store': striped sweater, a pencil skirt, my calculator (....long story), some shoes that don't fit.

Also, I saw this picture on foto_decadent and I immediately was reminded of Spiral. (a horror manga.) Abigail, you know what I'm talking about. SPIRALS IN HER HEAD. SPIRALS IN HER HEAD.

Not much to say today, I'm consumed with leggings. I'll have more to post tommorow.

See you then!