03 February 2008

dance lessons from my closet's past.

Alright, I admit it. I was in doggy pajamas and a huge fleece cape thing with fuzzy slippers all day long. And I like walking around like that. My day consisting of vegging out at The Fashion Spot and painting and repainting my nails in all the colors I have.

But I did do something productive! I looked through my closet in an attempt to clean it and see what would sell.

Super 80's Power GO. Everything is pretty fabulous up close, my pictures (as usual) do the clothes little justice. But yeah, everything was shoved in the little nooks and crannies of my closet and I haven't worn any of these in my life. I'm pretty stoked as to see how I can wear these..... I need to buy metallic leggings from AA, they'd look great with any of these, no?

I love the skirt and second sweater the most, though. The skirt is actually high waisted and pretty funky, I can't wait to wear it. I already know I'll wear it with metallic leggings, it's just the top half that's going to bug me. I have half a mind to wear a white tank with one of these sweaters. Hmm. I'll have to get the leggings, first though. I think it would look pretty chill with either sweater, or maybe a cardigan.

Oooo, but that's not all:


I did, actually, go through one of my drawers and I found a bunch of these scarves. I think I have some of the 5th fabric (left to right, it's the african print one) somewhere in the May's Room so I might do a DIY dress or whatnot on a rainy day. All of the scarves are amazing, no? @_@ And that's not even all the scarves just the ones found today. The fabrics...oh, how I wish I had clothing made from these fabrics.....

But yes, anyway. The pictures of the 80's coats I found aren't pretty enough to show you guys, so I'll retake them some other time.

My favorite designer of the moment:

Giselle Nasser, a Brasilian designer. Influenced by the 60's and 80's. I like how it's relaxed, sexy and playful and the same time, and it's international. The entire collection makes me smile, the colors are light and happy.

Ohcrap, my cursor is in almost every screenshot. Er. Well. Nice cursor, right? Matches the dresses nicely...... >>;

Alright, back to the Super Bowl.