01 February 2008

rainy days shot me dead.

no outfit picture for today, sorry. i was heavy eighties in a multicolored 80's windbreaker designed by my dad, black skinnies and retro color sneakers with my usual ice.

i was looking through menswear collections and i have got to say, Lanvin and YSL's collections are fantastic. (the pictures: lanvin left, ysl right).

Look at the elegance. I love the details and the fitted pants in Lanvin's collection, old school charm and glamor never fails and Lanvin's collection is nothing short of fabulous. . YSL's collection seems to be French themed and is rich with velvet, and I love velvet. And the models, of course, are my cup of tea.

Overall, it's a wider leg than last years collection, for sure, but that's not a bad thing.

Also, check out this article on American Apparel. It's pretty much fantastic.

This bag collaboration between Karine Arabian and UPS (yes, you read right, UPS) amuses me to no end.

Outfit, bags.. oh yes, now nails.

I've been going through a nail polish obsession with Abigail and right now my nails are polished about 6 colors randomly, all in the pink to purple category for absolutely no other reason than I like it and I get bored easily. However, I'm wondering where can I get good quality nail polish? Sephora disappointed me, Abigail got this royal blue color but it was very thick and a bit dull. I prefer the cheapo neon eye bleeding pink and orange she has (although it chips in like a half second, sigh) to that. And topcoats-- my offbrand Topcoat makes my nails shine so much more than Revlon Professional's. Huh.

So, what nail polish brand do you recommend? Where can I get it?

I'm not a big fan of spending more than 6 bucks on a small vial of nail polish, but if it's god's gift to nails then I suppose I don't mind much--I just want some advice.