05 February 2008

happy birthday sister.

I love the outfit in the first picture, I'm immediately reminded of this outfit from Style Bytes, and the red jeans make the outfit pop. I'm not a huge fan of colored jeans but the way she wears them makes me want them right now. The second outfit is more basic in color but so effortlessly cool it's just as eye catching. He wears it like designer duds, and I wouldn't be surprised if they were.

You already know my opinion on House of Holland shirts, and leggings worn as pants. Do want.
fourth outfit and the wearer are nothing short of painfully fashionable. Look at how amazing this kid is, man. THE STYLE RADIATES.

I love the jacket/dress in the first picture, and the colors are perfect for the articles of clothing individually. It's very rock chic. (Although those two words together kind of make me gag.) The second outfit is pure genius. Not much to say about it, if you don't see the genius in it you seriously need some Facehunter in your system. The third outfit reminds me of H&M dresses, and the overall composition reminds me of Sally-Jane. It's killer.

First outfit:"Oh look at me, I'm so effortlessly hip and no one else can pull off this outfit as well as I. Oh, pictures? *effortless pose*" Second outfit: I love the outfit, it's playful but doesn't burn your eyes with the different colors. The sweater is really cool. Third outfit: I want it. Everything. Now. Fourth: Kind of reminds me of Susie Bubble, actually. I don't know why. (Wow, so helpful. I can see why I'm not a fashion editor.)

The jumper is amazing--the color, the texture, the way it falls on the body. Second: Again, Susy Bubble for me. The complexity of the selections even though overall it's a simple outfit? I'm not very good at explaining it, but I love it. Everything about this outfit screams fashion.

Happy birthday Patricia. As per your request, my asian sensation. (Click the picture for better quality, it's not much better but I wasn't going to make scans of 15 pictures when I just went through over 250+ for you. xD)

It's Fashion Week again and everyone is looking to the runways for inspiration and trends, but the majority of it is just a continuation of Spring's trends.... a bit disappointing. I love a handful of the designs shown so far, but my attention has diverted from the runway to Japanese Style Magazines and Street Fashion blogs--they don't need to be fashionable to be stylish, and they look great in stuff that I can afford, not designer items that I'll have to work the rest of my life to afford. This is precisely why I am so in love with street blogs, and Asian Fashion magazines especially (hello, Japan Vogue kicks ass.). The above photos are taken from recent issues of Asian mags, in fact.

Take a look for yourself at the snapshots, and see if you can spot any trends that have just come to the states recently. Can you see your own style, or your icon's style in a girl there? I can point a few out that remind me distinctly of Susie Bubble, and countless Wardrobe Remixers. Hell, even the little kid has fantastic style.

Japan is such an amazing place, and their style is amazing. I can't anything about them that the book, 'Style Deficit Disorder', can't say in much prettier, coherent words:

"....recombining unexpected elements and using fashion as a personal statement--even street art......documents movement and inspiration....."

The images above are from the Japanese magazines 'FRUiTS' and 'TUNE' respectively. I am an avid reader cum stalker of the magazines, because they're the original Facehunter, really. It's amusing to me how Japan has taken Western Culture and added it's own flair and touch to it, and make it into a wholly different matter. I've never been to Japan, so the pictures you see above are pretty much my gateway to their style and culture. The closest I've ever been was Mainland China and Taiwan, and while they have excellent style as well (at least in Taipei, I spend a fortune there every visit.....I can't help it.) no where has the same eccenricities as Tokyo, and that, precisely, is why it is the place to be.

I'm so proud to be at least part Asian because of these kids. xD