13 February 2008

my son is in a nurse constume (and it's awesome.)

It was raining all day so I figured I'd dress more sensibly today. (read: i wanted to wear my awesome sweater. I found it in my closet, and it's a lot like the one I wanted on ebay that went for $200+. Woohoo.) I'm still tired of this weather and my dismal selection of pants. I need more jeans. Or I have to find my rainbow high waisted ones. Neither will happen anytime soon. So, as a result, my outfit was pretty basic. Blah. I wore mah hat, mah lovely fedora hat, but my cat was sleeping underneath it and it was too painful to take it away from her.

I want a really hideously tacky outfit for tommorow. Something horrendously out of the norm for me, really out there. Something so random that it's awesome. I WANT A GOLD JUMPSUIT.

Perhaps not that crazy. But something different, you know? I'll play around with stuff tonight, I'm really thinking about this ugly plaid skirt I have.... and the sweaters I found the other day in my closet. Branching out into different styles is hard, is it not?

To be honest, I just want to look like I just came off of the Romance Was Born runway: (and I don't care if it's from 2007.)

1) They make acid wash cool.
2) This is me. The nerdy, mental, shiny, tackiness. Oh yes. Me.
3) Those floal legggings? I was eyeing them in the Sock Drawer even before I knew about the floral trend. This is destiny.
4) The random hair things on the last model are made of win and insanity. YAY, INSANITY!

I want it. Every picture is going on my wall and will slowly but surely be replicated. (well, maybe not hair monster.)


Also, for those umbrella challenged readers, this does not relate to fashion but it is going on here all the same.

1) Open your umbrella from the button or the black thing at the spokes and push away from you to the top of the umbrella.
2) Use.
3) Close umbrella by pulling the thing that connects the umbrella spokes TOWARDS YOU. That means USE FORCE. Do not expect it to close if you repeatedly beat it on the side of the walkway in the parking garage and curse (unimaginatively, too) at it.
4) Do not use.

I told you I'd post it, Joey.

Also, this marks the one month anniversary of my blog, as Joey reminded me so kindly. Woo. It feels like it's been a week! I love blogging and I hope you enjoy reading what I blog. :) Bye!