19 February 2008

Zebras not included.

a late swim meet made both me and my outfit tired looking. apologies for the blurry mirror shot, i hate mirror shots (oh so myspace) but heyyyy. it's a picture. I played around with the outfit a bit more, the shirt out of the skirt with the belt tied haphazardly, and another look I used today was my 'zebra' sweater from a few posts back (picture here) over the shirt. It was more of a comfort thing and I liked how it clashed with the color of the skirt. Abigail was a bugger about it the entire day, though... so I'm going to wear it quite often just to annoy the crap out of her.

I am still in a style rut. Tommorow is a 2-Day schedule, meaning I don't have any teachers that will give me a detention for a dress code violation so I'm going to wear my ugliest possible leggings, if I can find an equally awesome skirt in my closet. I want to dress in the dark.

Hey thats a pretty good idea. Now if only I would actually get up before the sun to do that.....

Hum. Anyway, away from my ramblings and onto something you might actually enjoy reading about. My ebay watch list is a bit naked right now, but it's a pretty to look at nevertheless:

Vintage 70's micro mini button down leather high waisted skirt from brownbettievintage. It's an XS and I immediately thought of Zoe and her infatuation with button down skirts. BBV is a really good store and the end prices and relatively reasonable so if you want a button down, this is a great color.

I have other items on it as well, but nothing really worth posting as they usually end up in the $200+ range and watching them more than necessary makes me depressed.

But you know what makes me smile? Shoes.

Gladiators are huge for Spring and I don't actually own a pair I like, so I'm in the market for some. These two are ones I'm thinkin' are pretty snazzy:

1) Matt Bernson's line for SS08. The entire line is pretty nice for both men and women, my favorites are the KM Gladiator and Edin. Both are approx. $170. His site has store listings but no online store on which to order directly from him.
2) Would you believe me if I said those were from Old Navy? Yes, the chain store is moving up in the ranks. I love the Urban Explorer shoe collection. The braided gladiator sandal is actually on sale for $15 online, which is a healthy difference from the $170 shoes right next to them above. But with the cheap price tag comes cheaply made shoe, and people want a sturdy shoe, not glorified flip flops.

I want shoes like the runway shoes from the last post! Oh yes those sexy gladiators. Mhmhm. Pretty. Personally, I don't love peeptoe all that much but lately looking at the runway glads I'm thinking differently.

I would get started on my want list from Urban Outfitter's UK, but the price tag literally makes me cry and the want list is so long I would never get my looming pile of homework done before dawn. So, I guess this is goodbye for tonight! Bye. =]


Wendy said...

Oh man, I totally am on the gladiator hunt. I went on the Steve Madden website and saw a perfect fit but the price is still outrageous. I think I'm going to wait it out until the next big holiday sale.

Kristen said...

Hey girl, thanks for mentioning that skirt, it was so pretty.
I'm the girl who does BBV, it's so much work! But I like it. Thanks again! Let me know if you ever like anything again, I'll hook you up with free shipping :]