30 January 2009

the happy hooker was a family friend, now my social life as a pre-fetus has gone up a notch

This week was as bad as Pierce Brosnan's singing in Mamma Mia.

In my asian ways, anyway. I drowned my academic sorrows of mediocrity in pretty clothes, fighting over gooodwill clothes with a crowd of gay black twenty-something's, and meeting up with The White Lightning. Note the capitals, she is just that PRO.

So Everything I'm wearing here is new from the past two days! Lace gown (not the Prada one I thrifted yesterday, I have it next to my Prada skirt I also thrifted.)

weird metallic shirt, and necklaces are from Goodwill and my mom. Elizabeth gave me this pretttyyyy velvet bolero amongsts other things.

My room is hella orange.

*angst thoughtful stare at nothing angst angst* I'm getting used to my new hair, I find that I like it better when it's greasy and disgusting. The secret to good hair is to treat it badly, trufax.

In any case, I'm stoked for NYFW! Unfortunately I am not as cool as Tavzsters and don't get tickets to Rodarte / know them by any means (HATEHATEHATE) but I am hopefully going to a few shows, thanks to some rad friends. If my schoolwork doesn't rape my freedom.

Dooodoodooo more posts this week than one, I promise doodoodoo. Especially on the TV article. Speaking of, send me the urls? Thankssss.

Now time for SRS BZNS MMORPG. *ominous music plays*

27 January 2009


That is all.

25 January 2009

my entire life is dedicating to fornicating with these clothes

Dear number (n)ine:

Please send me your ideal man / inspiration board so I may turn him into my slave and raid his closet. I would go into detail about how to do so, but then I would most likely be arrested and like.... arrested. I cannot wear pretty clothes while being arrested and in jail, unless the jail uniforms in Fashionland are number (n)ine and then I would not mind AT. ALL. Also, while contemplating possible ways to break into your facilities and stealing all your clothes takes up my time, it is time I should be studying for my various AP midterms, and every minute I do not study I AM FAILING MISERABLY. So, you should send me pretty things from your collection as a consolation prize for not getting into college, being a reject asian, etc etc et all. Yes, if I fail IT IS YOUR FAULT for being the ideal Fashion Pirate in every way, shape, and form. But don't worry, i'll overlook my aspirational failure (oh now you can tell i'm a sim addict, heheh) if I can fornicate with your clothes. Mmmmmmmmm clothes sex.

Please have my children,


21 January 2009

14 January 2009

Things That are Better than Looking at Ugly People:

  1. Comme des Garcons
  2. Yelling at the computer for having shitty fake Comme on ebay (this is a pastime of mine.)
  3. David Tennant
  4. Hooker Heels
  5. The White Stripes
  6. Japanese diary photologs (I have officially reached STALKER: DANGER ZONE. Also, no you can't have the link, I'm selfish muahaha)
  7. Taking a Bath and using watercolors to paint yourself
  8. Playing Hooky
  9. Looking in the Mirror (this may cause you to see more ugly people, be warned)
  10. Honey Nut Cheerios
  11. Llamas

Andrew Bird - From the Basement from QandnotU on Vimeo.

I am going to buy Comme for myself as a birthday present, listen to this song over and over again, and donate to Save the Children for the Palestenian children.

I visited some awesome people on my birthday.. and some really gorgeous clothes. I seriously cannot wait until I can show you what I've been doing lately. Boooo secrecy.

13 January 2009

Oh god, an outfit post! It's the Apocalypse!!!1. So this is what I wore today. It looks much better in person, or maybe that was just in my head. I was perusing Charles Antase's S2009 collection, but was too sleepy / into anime to come up with a better interpretation. In real life you can notice the details of the jacket -- it's tailored so well, and the lace paneling on the back is kickass.

(helmut lang vintage boots, random shirt, jacket all gifted, the rest is vintage)

I like the petticoat, and decided I would wear it even if my dad was being passive aggressive about trying to make me change my clothes. "You know, I'll be around school for a few hours, IF YOU NEED ME TO GO AND GET SOMETHING FOR YOU *stares at skirt*" Also, I got a lot of comments such as "You look like a White Trash Fairy Godmother Jester" "Walking Cupcake?" etc etc today, which I enjoy because all of the genuine insults were coming from completely bland underclassmen who wear wrinkled khakis and actually do their homework so I am of course better than them in every why possible. I am above them.

I am not, however, above reading Linda Goodman's Love Signs. I would say it is helpful with my Mythology class, but then I would be lying.

The blog anniversary is tommorow! Are you excited? I didn't think it would make it this far -- and sometimes I feel like deleting it, but most of the time I am just really happy I'm such a dork who dreams about being a Japanese waif child alien who's best friend is a 12 year old and a gay boy and a Librarian Jew, who occasionally gets international press and pretty shoes.

Love you guys.

11 January 2009


God, I am such a drama queen. xD' Also stop watching once I start trailing off again at the end.

04 January 2009

me and abigail's dad both agree: colette's music is pretty f'in rad

To make this once again a fashion blog and not a diary that talks about hooker heels alone, here is a snippet from my Sex folder (I like to make my dad feel awkward on the family computer). Hussein Chalayan is one of the only dudes I think can rival Rei at intellectual fashion. He just has a ball with whatever concept he may be toying with (skirts/desks?yesplzmayihaveanother). I also appreciate the fact he has a "paper" suit, like the one I was thinking of making, except he did it like in the early 1990's and it is not actually made out of paper.

What I love about him is that the progression of each collection he makes is so clear cut and straight forward that even if you are a complete retard you can understand how the pieces relate from the beginning to the show to the end. He only gets better and better. I think my favorite show was his 2002(?) show, the one right above this paragraph. It is so perfect fantastic amazing.

In any case I have a crush on his work. *love song music plays, lits dim, door closes*

why having shoes greatly improves your life and also does not make you want to kill yourself... faster

Dudes. I am so sorry about the video! Tavz and I tested it out a few days ago, but (obviously) we didn't test it well enough. I promise promise promise with Japanese on top that we will get a video collab up and running. Or two. I don't know. If it finally works, I guess we could bring in a few people we both dearly love. Or really hate, so we can spend 2 hours of our lives yelling at them and accusing them of causing disease and angst and teenage body odor. In any case, I feel really bad for all of you that got up early/didn't go to sleep for it. I am groveling at your feet. See me grovel. Grovelgrovelgrovelgrovel.

To cheer us all up, I present you with an ongoing series of posts featuring fantasasuce things that are the butter to any outfit you''ll ever make ever. Things every girl, man, or girl-man man-girl needs in her life as told by the ARABELLE. Cue the musics.

  1. Stripper Shoes. I realize like pretty much everyone I know in real life and their moms, read the blog so talking about my aspirations to have a friend who is a stripper and owns these shoes would probably be really awkward and inappropriate.

I'm still going to do it though.

ode to class(less) by fashion pirate

Ode to strippers;

Oh, strippers, how you slay
pedophilic and perverted old people
and some just really sexually open people
that are cool in their own ways, but
are not pedophiles.

I really would like to be your friend,
maybe not your people,
because then I would probably be disowned,
also I cannot stripper dance for my life
(not that I've tried ok)

but if I were your friend
I would look to you for advice on shoes
and steal some from your closet
while you are at your gentleman's bar
doing your thing,
oh stripper, my stripper

Yeah, I am such the poet. It's ok to send me fanmail.

In any case, after I take a shower and do my Phyics homework I'm going to the local stripper store on Central Avenue and trying some of these babies on. Yayyyy!

02 January 2009

01 January 2009

because i refuse to answer 20 emails a day, thanks

You are Cordially Invited

To a live web conference with Tavi of Style Rookie fame and me. And you, through text chat.

Time: 1 pm CT, 2 PM ET on January 3, 2009
For international readers, check this to see how you relate.

We will answer any questions you have about ANYTHING within reason. Within reason being do not ask us to link to you (sorry dudes). We'll answer if we like tomatoes or not, though. Or tomatoes and Russian authors. OH THE SCANDAL.

This will not be recorded. It will be embedded onto this post. Tune in!