11 January 2009


God, I am such a drama queen. xD' Also stop watching once I start trailing off again at the end.


white lightning said...


purge your closet
take a chill pill
wear something totally out of character
find a new artist that blows your mind
rearrange your room

you need new music too.
i'm making you a CD as part of some birthday presents for you when i see you on wednesday

Tavi said...

you emo kid you XD once you meet up with liz and I send you your package (which includes a very amusing portrait of ben) you'll be better.

Alicia/InstantVintage said...

I'm with white lightning. Rearranging your room and purging should help.

*pats head in loving, not condescending way*

woo woo woo.

lily m said...

I think your amazing and if you stop being amazing then you will make me cry so for gods sake dont make me cry!

you should paint its good and it makes everything kinda goaway you dont even have to be good.

diane said...

You sound like a pretty normal teenager to me. Try infowars.com if you are looking for a serious cause. It could just be that you're growing up, which means you have to find room for that along with your creativity. You'll be fine, I have faith in you kiddo.

Bob said...

Hope you feel better. White Lightning
has some good ideas.

Anonymous said...

i can't see your eyes.
i don't think there's any difference between you blinking and keeping them wide open... just saying.

Arabelle said...

anonymous: i have what you would call........... ASIAN EYES.

I know. it's pretty secret.

Amelia said...

I feel the same way a lot, but not to that extent. And I totally know what you mean about obsessions--I always have one and they can be all-consuming.

bmthSandra said...

so that anon comment was so stupid obviously.

now that thats out of the way, I think you should purge your closet and start over. It may be a bit scary, at least I know it would be for me, but at least you would be left with a clean slate and a new situation to wrap your head around. Then you could truly explore what's next. Anyway just some thoughts...hope you feel better!

Ashley said...

i love how the time line of your life is ordered according to how many years before fashion (BF) or after fashion (AF).
Also, I felt the slump too, but continued to post even though I dont think they are very good.
Perhaps new spring clothes in the stores will bring forth the fever.
the good kind.

Kelsie.Lynn said...

your voice reminds me of Serena on gossip girl.

Eiw said...

you're so annoying i want to shoot you.

sa said...


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