04 January 2009

me and abigail's dad both agree: colette's music is pretty f'in rad

To make this once again a fashion blog and not a diary that talks about hooker heels alone, here is a snippet from my Sex folder (I like to make my dad feel awkward on the family computer). Hussein Chalayan is one of the only dudes I think can rival Rei at intellectual fashion. He just has a ball with whatever concept he may be toying with (skirts/desks?yesplzmayihaveanother). I also appreciate the fact he has a "paper" suit, like the one I was thinking of making, except he did it like in the early 1990's and it is not actually made out of paper.

What I love about him is that the progression of each collection he makes is so clear cut and straight forward that even if you are a complete retard you can understand how the pieces relate from the beginning to the show to the end. He only gets better and better. I think my favorite show was his 2002(?) show, the one right above this paragraph. It is so perfect fantastic amazing.

In any case I have a crush on his work. *love song music plays, lits dim, door closes*