13 January 2009

Oh god, an outfit post! It's the Apocalypse!!!1. So this is what I wore today. It looks much better in person, or maybe that was just in my head. I was perusing Charles Antase's S2009 collection, but was too sleepy / into anime to come up with a better interpretation. In real life you can notice the details of the jacket -- it's tailored so well, and the lace paneling on the back is kickass.

(helmut lang vintage boots, random shirt, jacket all gifted, the rest is vintage)

I like the petticoat, and decided I would wear it even if my dad was being passive aggressive about trying to make me change my clothes. "You know, I'll be around school for a few hours, IF YOU NEED ME TO GO AND GET SOMETHING FOR YOU *stares at skirt*" Also, I got a lot of comments such as "You look like a White Trash Fairy Godmother Jester" "Walking Cupcake?" etc etc today, which I enjoy because all of the genuine insults were coming from completely bland underclassmen who wear wrinkled khakis and actually do their homework so I am of course better than them in every why possible. I am above them.

I am not, however, above reading Linda Goodman's Love Signs. I would say it is helpful with my Mythology class, but then I would be lying.

The blog anniversary is tommorow! Are you excited? I didn't think it would make it this far -- and sometimes I feel like deleting it, but most of the time I am just really happy I'm such a dork who dreams about being a Japanese waif child alien who's best friend is a 12 year old and a gay boy and a Librarian Jew, who occasionally gets international press and pretty shoes.

Love you guys.