04 January 2009

why having shoes greatly improves your life and also does not make you want to kill yourself... faster

Dudes. I am so sorry about the video! Tavz and I tested it out a few days ago, but (obviously) we didn't test it well enough. I promise promise promise with Japanese on top that we will get a video collab up and running. Or two. I don't know. If it finally works, I guess we could bring in a few people we both dearly love. Or really hate, so we can spend 2 hours of our lives yelling at them and accusing them of causing disease and angst and teenage body odor. In any case, I feel really bad for all of you that got up early/didn't go to sleep for it. I am groveling at your feet. See me grovel. Grovelgrovelgrovelgrovel.

To cheer us all up, I present you with an ongoing series of posts featuring fantasasuce things that are the butter to any outfit you''ll ever make ever. Things every girl, man, or girl-man man-girl needs in her life as told by the ARABELLE. Cue the musics.

  1. Stripper Shoes. I realize like pretty much everyone I know in real life and their moms, read the blog so talking about my aspirations to have a friend who is a stripper and owns these shoes would probably be really awkward and inappropriate.

I'm still going to do it though.

ode to class(less) by fashion pirate

Ode to strippers;

Oh, strippers, how you slay
pedophilic and perverted old people
and some just really sexually open people
that are cool in their own ways, but
are not pedophiles.

I really would like to be your friend,
maybe not your people,
because then I would probably be disowned,
also I cannot stripper dance for my life
(not that I've tried ok)

but if I were your friend
I would look to you for advice on shoes
and steal some from your closet
while you are at your gentleman's bar
doing your thing,
oh stripper, my stripper

Yeah, I am such the poet. It's ok to send me fanmail.

In any case, after I take a shower and do my Phyics homework I'm going to the local stripper store on Central Avenue and trying some of these babies on. Yayyyy!


The Stylish Wanderer said...


victoria.. said...

niice :)

hazel said...

um, hell freaken YES?!?!?

Malena said...

you could always make friends with transvestites, they tend to have amazing shoes

Anna Shapiro said...


But oh, for gods sake, avoid the lucite ones like the plague....

and the ones with colored feathers.

diane said...

Top right photo, yes. Ughh to the rest.

Anonymous said...

oh my, i have the shoes on the bottom right. shit

Alicia/InstantVintage said...

Dude, you're hilarious

fiercekitty said...

i like your ode to strippers.

i have seen many shoes come in and out of this ho's life.. some last and some take quite a beating.

whatever anyone says: remember. the ho shoes always. always. always. make the ho.

you rock. good style. plus points that we are both from jersey.

Fen said...

that is amazing! haha x

laia. said...

hahaha you are insane

Amelia said...

Amazing poem. I actually kind of like the shoes with 5 million straps, strangely enough.

Erin said...

"oh stripper, my stripper"

haaaahahaha that made me laugh so hard :)

Anna Pope said...

Haha, your poem is the best thing to wake up to this morning :))

But I do agree, every girl needs a pair of stripper heels in her wardrobe!

Reesey Peasy said...

I especially like the last part of the poem thing :) I wish to see you update more! I miss your entries. :) Not that I'm demanding, of course. Haha!

J.Yo said...

umm. yes caught the towering heels and crazy sexy glossy shoes for EVAHH. and could never get to wear them kitties...

LOL at the ode!

Miu Miu Doll said...

owh you poetic gifted girl. Oscar Wilde et Le Shakespeare are in your shadow. they could have learned lots from you...

xoxo Laura Anais

AnnaLongstockings said...



Isabel said...

I bet you could actually pull off those weird flame stripper shoes.

Nathalia said...

haha! your blog is great:)

Ana said...

Ahh well the meebo chat was entertaining.

Stripper shoes are slightly beastly.

lolliloobedoo said...

truer words were never put to ode I'm thinking right now.

Living In A Suitcase said...

I'm too scared to go in the stripper shops where I live, especially since they're all right by my school and that might not make such a good impression... :) but good luck! And Happy New Year!

Arabelle said...

reesey: oh dude, you should totes get tokbox or something so we can leave video mail for each other and it will be your own personal update ^^


loves it
ode to the street walker


karl's sweet child said...

hahaha..stripper shoes..

Ashley said...

done fashionably, stripper shoes turn out looking like really badass superexpensive shoes.
i have faith in you.

Copycat Sasha said...

i laughed so much my stomach hurts

cable_zombie said...

I have a pair of those shoes already. Cool.

April said...


i want me some stripper shoes!

Raquel said...

i don't think they make platforms high enough for my tastes. a shoe with a heel less than five inches feels odd and uncomfortable! i couldn't be more with you on this one, honey.

p.s. strippers are really boring; they'd need a lot of thief-worthy shoes to make that friendship bearable.


Anonymous said...


ed said...







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