04 January 2009

why having shoes greatly improves your life and also does not make you want to kill yourself... faster

Dudes. I am so sorry about the video! Tavz and I tested it out a few days ago, but (obviously) we didn't test it well enough. I promise promise promise with Japanese on top that we will get a video collab up and running. Or two. I don't know. If it finally works, I guess we could bring in a few people we both dearly love. Or really hate, so we can spend 2 hours of our lives yelling at them and accusing them of causing disease and angst and teenage body odor. In any case, I feel really bad for all of you that got up early/didn't go to sleep for it. I am groveling at your feet. See me grovel. Grovelgrovelgrovelgrovel.

To cheer us all up, I present you with an ongoing series of posts featuring fantasasuce things that are the butter to any outfit you''ll ever make ever. Things every girl, man, or girl-man man-girl needs in her life as told by the ARABELLE. Cue the musics.

  1. Stripper Shoes. I realize like pretty much everyone I know in real life and their moms, read the blog so talking about my aspirations to have a friend who is a stripper and owns these shoes would probably be really awkward and inappropriate.

I'm still going to do it though.

ode to class(less) by fashion pirate

Ode to strippers;

Oh, strippers, how you slay
pedophilic and perverted old people
and some just really sexually open people
that are cool in their own ways, but
are not pedophiles.

I really would like to be your friend,
maybe not your people,
because then I would probably be disowned,
also I cannot stripper dance for my life
(not that I've tried ok)

but if I were your friend
I would look to you for advice on shoes
and steal some from your closet
while you are at your gentleman's bar
doing your thing,
oh stripper, my stripper

Yeah, I am such the poet. It's ok to send me fanmail.

In any case, after I take a shower and do my Phyics homework I'm going to the local stripper store on Central Avenue and trying some of these babies on. Yayyyy!