18 March 2009

on the thinking pot





Soooo unbearably busy with school it's not even funny. I am extremely excited for Tokyo Fashion Week (i actually had dreams about it the past few nights). The sum of Tokyo Fashion Week is greater than Comme. It is that good.

Anyway, I'm wearing some of the awesome stuff I got from Isabel: the dress (tres rad) and the Dr. Martens. I'm contemplating buying a pair of knockoffs to do a DIY on these:

I'm thinking about using these pairs as the black ones, and buy some cheapo ones off of gojane.com or something. Okay, time for more homework.

p.s if you're missing me (as apparently you do, hi twitter scolding + emails, i love you all too) just add me on twitter or follow me on tumblr, i post pretty consistently (read: incessantly) on both.

05 March 2009

hat porn

i can totally just feel the weirdo's coming to my blog because of the post title. er.

more hat pron again

hat pronnnnnnnnn

blah i make it look ugly D<

more hat pron

hat pron

It is like a shiny pearl that smells like fresh sugar cookies, or like a really pretty JE Boy, or like Ikuto if he wasn't a pedophile cat mutant thing, or just like a normal really gorgeous hat that makes tulle babies out of it's hat butt.

Yeah. Awesome.

so like, your draik WN RC 4 my robot kau oh wait WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN


So Tavz got me all addicted to neopets again and I've neglected the blog, amongst other things. Oh, and did I mention I was 1,500 emails BEHIND? REALLY DUDES? Am I THAT interesting to talk to?! I am not Ghandi or the pig in Diane Duane's wizard trilogy that is everywhere/anytime/knows the meaning of life. Anyway, I'll get to your emails like... eventually. You'd be better of sending smoke signals or throwing a rock at my window (though I would probably come downstairs to throw a cane at you for doing so).



^ my response to ~artsy fotos~. Yeah my photos are hella edgy, did you not know rotating 270* is the new selective coloring?!


Abigail sometimes says, "Good shit just gravitates to you like you have your own personal orbit and also you are a flaming ball of bitchface," and so the former part being right, I got some stuff from Goodwill / my dads friend the past few days.

lace pron

She gave me 1 lace batwing dress top (^) and this epic silk and lace flapper dress, amongst this gorgeous hat that merits an entire post of its own.


i am on fiyahhh

Not including that, last goodwill trip for Isabel I snagged this batwing sweater from the fat kids section. (Seriously, thats what it's called!). I am too selfish to give it away, and so I prance about in it in my Comme skirt and Helmut Lang boots. Here I'm wearing it with some Cheap Mondays from the News Showroom.

I would also discuss with you the fashion weeks... but they kind of fail miserably and hugely. they are a huge sack of disappointment and lame so far. Sadface.

post soon! I have a great surprise for ya'll after.