05 March 2009

so like, your draik WN RC 4 my robot kau oh wait WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN


So Tavz got me all addicted to neopets again and I've neglected the blog, amongst other things. Oh, and did I mention I was 1,500 emails BEHIND? REALLY DUDES? Am I THAT interesting to talk to?! I am not Ghandi or the pig in Diane Duane's wizard trilogy that is everywhere/anytime/knows the meaning of life. Anyway, I'll get to your emails like... eventually. You'd be better of sending smoke signals or throwing a rock at my window (though I would probably come downstairs to throw a cane at you for doing so).



^ my response to ~artsy fotos~. Yeah my photos are hella edgy, did you not know rotating 270* is the new selective coloring?!


Abigail sometimes says, "Good shit just gravitates to you like you have your own personal orbit and also you are a flaming ball of bitchface," and so the former part being right, I got some stuff from Goodwill / my dads friend the past few days.

lace pron

She gave me 1 lace batwing dress top (^) and this epic silk and lace flapper dress, amongst this gorgeous hat that merits an entire post of its own.


i am on fiyahhh

Not including that, last goodwill trip for Isabel I snagged this batwing sweater from the fat kids section. (Seriously, thats what it's called!). I am too selfish to give it away, and so I prance about in it in my Comme skirt and Helmut Lang boots. Here I'm wearing it with some Cheap Mondays from the News Showroom.

I would also discuss with you the fashion weeks... but they kind of fail miserably and hugely. they are a huge sack of disappointment and lame so far. Sadface.

post soon! I have a great surprise for ya'll after.