18 March 2009

on the thinking pot





Soooo unbearably busy with school it's not even funny. I am extremely excited for Tokyo Fashion Week (i actually had dreams about it the past few nights). The sum of Tokyo Fashion Week is greater than Comme. It is that good.

Anyway, I'm wearing some of the awesome stuff I got from Isabel: the dress (tres rad) and the Dr. Martens. I'm contemplating buying a pair of knockoffs to do a DIY on these:

I'm thinking about using these pairs as the black ones, and buy some cheapo ones off of gojane.com or something. Okay, time for more homework.

p.s if you're missing me (as apparently you do, hi twitter scolding + emails, i love you all too) just add me on twitter or follow me on tumblr, i post pretty consistently (read: incessantly) on both.