20 April 2009


Woops, I guess I went on an unofficial hiatus there huh? Life is busy busy busy busy busy. I hope you'll forgive me for not coming back with an outfit post.... pretty much all I can offer you is this. Please forgive me darlings, there hasn't been a day that's gone by that I haven't missed you all terribly. [okay, one day all i wanted to do was watch Hana Yori Dango and honestly it is a lot more emotional than blogging, I'm not gonna front] To beg for your forgiveness, I give you many things.


Dresses we all need to band together and mob the stores for. You'll notice how a lot of these dresses are ALWAYS in my polyvores. This is because I'm really fucking obsessive over things I want and will obsess over them until I get them, then I will wear them to death (see: hooker shoes, prada lace skirt thrifted, my only comme skirt).


I am very close to talking to the chinese knockoff store on the phone about the tsumori chisato knockoff skirts (the second and third) because I really need them in my life but like, you know, since they're coming from KNOCKOFF ASIAN SWEATSHOP POSSIBLE SCAMMERS you know I'm kinda hesitant.

Maybe if I speak to them in shitty Chinese they'll be all like, "Oh, it's my brethren, I totally wont scam you, and also here are 5 more things you might like to get for 2 american dollars because I love you so much." and not rip me off 60 dollars. Maybe I can discuss asian dramas with them to gain their trust. Good idea, y/y/y/y/y?

sea of shoes
This polyvore is dedicated to Jane and her future husband, fishsticks.