25 April 2009

three designers you probably should blood sacrifice to


Shin Murayama 2

Dean from IDLM gave me the heads up on this guy (I guess he would know I would like Shin due to my last layout heading, woopsydoops). Since we all know I'm not very good at critiquing a single artist -- and with Shin, I don't really feel the need -- I'm just going to bother you with excerpts from the interview IDLM gave him.

SM There are just too many people that I respect and was influenced by. But honestly, I try not to idolize anyone. If I do need to pick one person though, it would be my friend, let's call her "Turkish High School Girl." I think most artists try to become Peter Pan, stay young forever, and not be affected by how life can be jading. They want to keep themselves pure. My friend, this Turkish girl, she's the embodiment of that, and she doesn't even realize it. To me, that is art. She is an artist...

Shin Murayama 1

IDLM Do you believe artistic creativity is innate, generally and personally?
I think creativity, in itself, is a unique human characteristic, and an innate one. I also think that "artistic creativity" in the way you use it is too specific and exclusionary. You can be an artist in many ways, depending on your culture, environment. The most important thing to remember is to pursue the development of whatever skills you're naturally good at, and don't worry about categorizing things.

Shin Murayama

I really dig his work. It reminds me of Danny Mansmith, the same energy and vibe comes from it. I think if they sat in the same room, their minds would link, and then it would be like the artistic version of what could have happened between Mendel and Darwin (holy, did i actually sound smart for once? ohnoze)


Gloria Carcangiu is so fucking epic, but she has like 3 pictures anywhere on the internet?!

Technically it was a fashion school and not a single designer, but whatever. I'm not a fan of a lot of fashion schools because they can end up producing glorified prom dresses or just heinous pieces of fabric multiplied by 45835353 (IM LOOKING AT YOU, ITALY) I digged this school's last designer promotion. Here are some of my favorites.


Actually I think Lady GaGa would wear this and look even more like a man. and I'm not a fan of the color, but I still kinda dig it a lot. Chiara Baschieri.


Eleanora de Parolis is a pretty rad designer too (name is a bitch and a half to spell though, oh geez). I refrain from describing her because then it would be something disgustingly vague and cliche like... "modern chic with a twist". I think you'd all like her stuff, though none of these designers have websites up yet....

joseph font

Joseph Font is ridiculous. I saw too much McQueen/Sandra Buckland workery/Comme (via Nozomi) to be truly comfortable, but dammit, this dress is insane.