31 May 2008

flashing lights and apparently I am a man with pink jeans

Today was a very happy day for me, for reasons most of you won't know for a long while now. (Unless others spill the beans first, hahaha. You know who you are!) It involves white lightning and a phone call. That's all you'll know until later. I'm awful, aren't I?

Anyway, afterwards I spent quality time with my parents and Aunt. We went to see Iron Man and I went to Marshalls.

I also went to payless but long story short, I think everyone there is an incompetent twat and I should like to fling my shoe at them but the I'd be out of a shoe and I'm sure they have plenty.

We went to the local Nursery next. When I was a little girl, I was a total hippie. These remind me of those times.....I'm really happy how they turned out.

I'm by no means a photographer but I'm proud of the pictures! No photoshop at all, just nature at her best methinks. We get everything from nature, including fashion. I wish I could enlarge flowers and flatten them and wear them as a long dress...certainly I can imagine many outfits out of the flowers I took pictures of.

Oh wait, someone already made them out of my dreams before I knew I wanted them.

When I got home I got nostalgic for my hippie childhood so I went to my attic and found these.

I absolutely love the illustrations in these, they're fashion forward as well as whimsical. Ozma and the wicked Princess' dresses are so wonderfully airy, I can't help but be reminded of Lanvin and Oscar de la Renta.
Enlarge the collage and you'll see why I think Ozma'd like these dresses, too...
oscardelarenta/lanvin photo from here. credit is due to a fellow blogger, of course!

The second book's bunny had a menswear outfit that reminded me of Burberry for some reason, I have no idea why.

I have a whole pile of books like these. One of these days, when the sun is out and the grass is green I'll have to get to reading these through once more. Until then, I'll leave you with one of my favorite lines in Ozma.

I'll prob'ly get lots of rest tommorow, when I become an orn'ment," said Dorothy, sleepily. But she lay down upon her couch, nevertheless, and in spite of all her worries was soon in the land of dreams.


30 May 2008

we fail at tug-o-war but our GPA's are epic win

Today we had Field Day. Well, to be frank, the rest of the school had Field Day while me and my friends sat on our asses in the dugout and took pictures with my dino's. We sat about tanning whilst discussing animal procreation. The only sport I participated in was arguing about my apparent hipster status and kicking Abigail's butt at Wii Bowling after dismissal.

Just look at Zoe, bein' all modelesque (keep your fingers crossed, these were practice for her return to Elite for polaroids, actually). She's all, "Hi, I'm Zoe I'm a maybe-model and I can make Arabelle look bad standing on my head with my eyes closed. Loser."

I respectfully disagree. And by respectfully I mean I'm getting my shoes off to throw at her head.

While I was busy un-velcroing my shoes, Zoe pranced off to take pictures of the dinosaurs. Abigail decided to catch her in her act of hypocrisy (she hates the dinosaurs. For my opinion on this, please refer to the above left image.)

Zoe caught by Abigail.

Abigail caught by Zoe.

"Hey guys who's that neurotic looking awesome guy standing awkwardly amongst the ghetto"
"Oh that's Hymen I mean Jaime and he's my best friend and I steal cardigans from him all the time."
"No wonder you dress like a man."
"Yeah I know--WAIT WHAT HUH"

Laurphenie being, "Yeah my hair looks like a failed mohawk, SO?!" This is her afterwards.

Word is getting around my school I have a blog. It's kind of funny really. I'm extremely grateful that those who know of it visit it with an open mind have no problem helping me out with pictures, topics, and all that good stuff. You're amazing, thank you!

I've got shopping/cooking/frolicking to do tommorow so see you soon!

Edit: Pictures taken by ZOE V MODEL TO BE, Minion, and Me. Hahaha.

28 May 2008

your ham is a fish, bao bao meow piao

Meow meow meow...

I'm having a pretty good week, so I wore a feel good outfit, super supple leather skirt. It's very loud and the embellishments have an art deco feel to it so I figured I'd try to keep it around that era. I guess it worked, SpindleFingers said all that was needed was a pipe and smoke screen.

This is the necklace I had in mind. From helloagain. I might not go back this week like I planned, methinks another sample sale beckons..... what d'you think? Either that, or shoe shopping (in which I am in dire need to do, seriously I live in these shoes.)

What I like about this outfit is that it really mixes up rich/poor. I absolutely hate wearing all from one store (twitch, twitch) and all of these items were purchases at different point of life, different places, with different places in mind. But together, it fits .

I'd make this post of more substance but I've got a few tests to study/freak out over so Ursula-Agnes, Dan, Jimbo and Bambi shall see you out. See ya.

Edit: Detail shot.

27 May 2008

how you know someone blackmailed the genepool

Their eyes hurt my feelings, they're so painfully pretty. Seriously man, a tear.....

Back to regular posting soon, testing for me and surprises for you lovely readers perhaps by the end of the week....! Nanana batmannnn.

Also, congrats to Zoe for getting scouted by Elite Model Management. She has a go see on thursday so wish her luck!!

25 May 2008

thank you for telling me i had my pants on backwards the whole day - my dad


So I did manage to take pictures! I spent a great deal of time dancing around to youtube videos today and eating corn on the cob. What'd you do?

You might recognize two of these pieces, the knitted swimsuit bottom and the shorts. They've been getting a lot of use lately and I can see them being paired with any of the new-old pieces, which is why I added them. The striped shirt is from my mum's closet and the other silk shirts are random buys from estate sales, etc I got recently.

1: Handsewn linen tunic shirt. It's absolutely beautiful. Goodwill, $5 2: Sailor cool shorts that instantly
reminded me of lou doillon, with gorgeous buttons to match. Hello Again Vintage, $10

Thinking back on it now I wish I'd have gotten the flutter sleeved dress or the yellow dress, and I doubt they'll be there next time I go (next weekend, natch)! But oh well, I'm sure next time I go there'll be stuff just as nice.

24 May 2008

your cat is a small dog only it's better at wii bowling

So today I went to a new vintage store that opened up, Hello Again Vintage. Abigail, my trusty minion discovered them at the last city festival and they opened up last weekend. Hands down, they're my new favorite vintage store so far.

Perhaps not the best selection of dresses, but considering the size of the space (stretch your arm out in the dressing room, you'll touch the dress rack in the middle of the store) I can deal with it gladly. $20 can get you a dress and jewelry to go with, whereas in other stores and even ebay now you'd be hard pressed to find one thing for that price.

All of the above were under $15. Oh shit, can you hear the faint rustling of every dollar I own going into my purse for my next trip there?......yeah, I can too.

A sneak peak of the what ended up coming home to Abigail's. We got distracted by Mario Super Smash (me and her 9? year old brother kicked her ass, by the way) but I did take this picture. More tommorow, I promise.

Gahhh! Why did I jinx myself? I haven't got a proper camera anymore so if I do manage to take pictures it'll be a surprise. I'll see what I can do...plenty of time ahead of me, in any case. Sorry friends. >>

22 May 2008

50's Stripper Roller Girl and Riding Hood combined

Untitled Photoshoot
(god I'm getting hives thinking about having a photoshoot)

This photoshoot is for Amelia, because you wanted outfit pictures. I got a little carried away--it was very fun playing with Parrot. He's wooden and old and smells like cigars. I'm trying to find a proper place in my house to take pictures, so there are two backgrounds. Please tell me which you prefer! (you can enlarge)

Comments from my friends: "Yay you're back to non-matching Belle! I missed you!" "You look like a 50's Stripper. Can you come to my party on Saturday?" "Hello, Little...Green...Riding Hood!""It would look so much nicer without those socks"

I like my cheapo socks though. They remind me of Iekeliene Stange.

Yes, that is a giant porcelain teacup and saucer. My parrot uses it as a throne.

I was originally going to wear this outfit (Rebecca was musing about work-friendly outfits and this is my version. The skirt is much longer than pictured, and I didn't feel like shortening it in the morning.

I hope you like! Many, many thanks to Abigail for lending me her camera. I owe you (as always).

21 May 2008

love is all that i need and for achitoke not to win

Solve this equation.

Terrible Weather + Lack of Shopping = ?

Grumpy Pirate. Poorly dressed Pirate.

So, today I figured I'd sit in my closet until someone smacked me with creative juices. Not literally, else, you know, that'd be illegal and wrong.

This is Davy Crockett meets Urban Outfitters meets Unnamed Leather Pant Man. I envision a long haired, pale eyed waif in this dancing with Native Americans and exchanging leather pant care tips.

The leather pants are from my dad's rock star days (leather jodhpurs, for serious). The black pants are leather shorts. The fringe jacket is from the 60's, a gift from my dad to my mom. She hates it and I like to spin in circles in it.

And now, the anti-Crockett.

It kind of reminds me of Rhiannon. In the loveliest way possible!

Anyway...making stories out of outfits always helps me when my muse is gone. What do you do?

Also, it's my 100th post! Thanks so much for reading, every one of you (400+!) make me smile beyond belief.

18 May 2008

it's hard to rebel against rebels

As some of you might know, my parents are retired designers and buyers in the Fashion Industry. We're not rich by any stretch of the imagination and I'm more at home at Goodwill (my dad has worked there as well as CK and high price retailers) than I am at, let's say, Saks. Their career peak was a long time ago and I won't mince words about it as they've made it aware to me they have no regrets leaving it.

For all the perks of being in the Industry, they've ingrained in me the bad sometimes outweighs the good. If you're talented, cutthroat and hardworking you'll succeed in the industry. But you've got to maintain this facade constantly, or else you're out. No matter how much talent you've got, there will be three others that are willing to work for less or for nothing at all. This is why my parents retired, despite their positions and income.

I've loved fashion and all aspects of it for awhile now, but I'm well are that if I were to ever work in it I would not be going into it for the money. No one should, unless you've got no qualms about how you're going to get fed/live/survive in the first place. I'd have to go into it for the fun and by god I would absolutely love that. Who wouldn't? But I can't afford to and I know my parents would be disappointed in me following their path in the first place.

My parents, like many others, want me to become an Engineer, a Lawyer, a Doctor. Something prestigious and high-paying, something to respect. I'd much prefer opening up my own boutique or perhaps becoming a buyer, like my dad was for a decade or so. I would love for my parents to be proud of my decisions and my future jobs but knowing that they went through with it--they lived it--for decades and are as they are now reminds me that all good things come at a price. Sometimes you've got to choose what you need over what you want.

I still don't know how I am going to ever negotiate between them. When someone asks me what I want to be.....a buyer? Open up my own boutique? I can't quite get it off my tongue without feeling a little guilty to my parents. I don't want to grow up to be the person my parents are now. I want to be as they were.....without the price afterwards.

Maybe it's just teenage indecision, or maybe it's something more. Quite frankly, I don't want to think about it because it scares the living hell out of me. But more and more of my friends are moving on, getting jobs and making connections and well....heh. I know I have to get out there and fight for what I want and all that but sometimes you just get scared off you know?

Life scares me incredibly, sometimes.

--- on a similar note, what the hell happened to Agathe? I miss her!

16 May 2008

you can be DonDon, her aztec warrior elephant

The adventures of my best friend Reggie Bob. I bring him around everywhere, really. He's my test taking good luck charm, my hat, my weapon, my muse...... I am not kidding when I say I bring him everywhere I go. My friends have given up on trying to pretend they don't know me when this happens. In fact, I've had to field several marriage proposals to dear RB to his entourage of Cowboys and Indians.

On Wednesday I went to Kinokuniya and Go Go Curry with my friend Peter and of course, Minion.

Before we went to GGC I got distracted by the delightful line of fabric stores lining the street.

Some of these were surprisingly cheap, at $4 a yard. I'm pondering if I should go back and grab fabric for a skirt. If you know I had any skillz at all with a sewing machine. (The last time I sewed I couldn't do a hankie.)


Then we ate. Om nom nom.

This is the product of my journey. A.N.A.L (yes that is it's name and yes it is as lowbrow as it's name and no it was not worth the pretty boys) I should have gotten the fabric. D: It wasn't even bad enough to be funny to be good. Just bad enough to be funny.

And before this turns into the stupidest post on my blog, fashion related:

Hi, this is me turning STALKER! crossing the street and before I knew it I took a picture. I wish I had seen her front so it didn't end up being a picture of her butt. (Pretty ruffled butt though!)

it's like the best trip ever except without the drugs and pink floyd in the background

For the last few days, I've been trying to figure out if I love these or if I hate them. Yesterday I loved them, and now I'm kind of gagging. Maybe I looked at the werewolf too long.

Vintage card Minion found in her attic -> Editorial werewolf.

Grrrl needs to get a shave, am I right or am I right?