30 May 2008

we fail at tug-o-war but our GPA's are epic win

Today we had Field Day. Well, to be frank, the rest of the school had Field Day while me and my friends sat on our asses in the dugout and took pictures with my dino's. We sat about tanning whilst discussing animal procreation. The only sport I participated in was arguing about my apparent hipster status and kicking Abigail's butt at Wii Bowling after dismissal.

Just look at Zoe, bein' all modelesque (keep your fingers crossed, these were practice for her return to Elite for polaroids, actually). She's all, "Hi, I'm Zoe I'm a maybe-model and I can make Arabelle look bad standing on my head with my eyes closed. Loser."

I respectfully disagree. And by respectfully I mean I'm getting my shoes off to throw at her head.

While I was busy un-velcroing my shoes, Zoe pranced off to take pictures of the dinosaurs. Abigail decided to catch her in her act of hypocrisy (she hates the dinosaurs. For my opinion on this, please refer to the above left image.)

Zoe caught by Abigail.

Abigail caught by Zoe.

"Hey guys who's that neurotic looking awesome guy standing awkwardly amongst the ghetto"
"Oh that's Hymen I mean Jaime and he's my best friend and I steal cardigans from him all the time."
"No wonder you dress like a man."
"Yeah I know--WAIT WHAT HUH"

Laurphenie being, "Yeah my hair looks like a failed mohawk, SO?!" This is her afterwards.

Word is getting around my school I have a blog. It's kind of funny really. I'm extremely grateful that those who know of it visit it with an open mind have no problem helping me out with pictures, topics, and all that good stuff. You're amazing, thank you!

I've got shopping/cooking/frolicking to do tommorow so see you soon!

Edit: Pictures taken by ZOE V MODEL TO BE, Minion, and Me. Hahaha.