06 May 2008

eyes on your hands! and in other news, my blood pressue is through the roof

I fantasize about the other person (that means YOU 3*******7 ANON PERSON) breaking their leg or something and having to retract their bid and me getting it. I would be all, "Hell yes and I'm not sorry about your broken leg either haha thanks" and skipping off into the sunset with my perfection.

I know I'm going to hell already so just thought I'd put that out there.

(ebay stalking has made me insane, run while you can)

Edit: YOU'RE WINNING BY 25 EFFING CENTS HOW IS LIFE UNFAIR THAT WAY. I need three dollars on my paypal. Or a machete. Maybe both.

Editedit: Oh yeah baby, I have the power of the credit card in my hands nowww~ fear me and my stingy yet ultimately superior hopefully skills! WHO'S ABOVE BY 25 CENTS NOW?


Anonymous said...

well, think of it this way -- something better will turn up eventually....?

Zoë said...

no comment
*cough* it was me *cough*
or am i?


Belle said...

if it were you i would just add it to the lists of "reasons to kill zoe".

*eye twitch* your cousin is god.

mary said...

Oh my God.
I mean thatès so sad
but just the way you worded it complete with graphics
Well, I started laughing about 5 minutes ago and I still havent stopped.
Lets go set the mafia on their assss, the fashion mafia consisting of a redheaded little person and a Èpluz sizedÈ narscissit.
Dont worry, weèll bus there!

bianca banca said...

AH, you know what kind of people I want to murder....the kind of people who put their ebay on that certain setting that just like automatically outbids people.....No offence if you do this(I dont want to kill you, dont worry), but I was bidding on something once...and I was like "how the hell is this person bidding this fast after me" and then my mom told me that you can set it or something. I HATE people who outbid me. AHHHHHHHHH I am in such a irritable mood right now. lol

Amelia said...

A machete would be more expensive, but more satisfying. Hard choice. Good luck.

Jennifer said...

I would really hate to be the person who's outbidding you right now. I'd be scared, retract, AND apologize so that my life would not be in danger anymore. Hah. I think eBay makes everyone unreasonably angry and violent. At least it does to me.

ROBOTS said...

Music blog? HERE!!!


bewkworm said...

man, and i liked that jumper too. ah well, just buy some cool jewlery, like that elvis pelvis neckalce. after all, when do you get so say you're wearing a pelvis? NEVER, that's when.

Belle said...

bahahahaha victory is mine~

nv said...

I know how you feel! I was bidding on these feathers and then they outbid me and i didnt feel like paying 10$ for feathers so I got outbid. i hate it when people out bid you :(