06 May 2008

eyes on your hands! and in other news, my blood pressue is through the roof

I fantasize about the other person (that means YOU 3*******7 ANON PERSON) breaking their leg or something and having to retract their bid and me getting it. I would be all, "Hell yes and I'm not sorry about your broken leg either haha thanks" and skipping off into the sunset with my perfection.

I know I'm going to hell already so just thought I'd put that out there.

(ebay stalking has made me insane, run while you can)

Edit: YOU'RE WINNING BY 25 EFFING CENTS HOW IS LIFE UNFAIR THAT WAY. I need three dollars on my paypal. Or a machete. Maybe both.

Editedit: Oh yeah baby, I have the power of the credit card in my hands nowww~ fear me and my stingy yet ultimately superior hopefully skills! WHO'S ABOVE BY 25 CENTS NOW?