21 May 2008

love is all that i need and for achitoke not to win

Solve this equation.

Terrible Weather + Lack of Shopping = ?

Grumpy Pirate. Poorly dressed Pirate.

So, today I figured I'd sit in my closet until someone smacked me with creative juices. Not literally, else, you know, that'd be illegal and wrong.

This is Davy Crockett meets Urban Outfitters meets Unnamed Leather Pant Man. I envision a long haired, pale eyed waif in this dancing with Native Americans and exchanging leather pant care tips.

The leather pants are from my dad's rock star days (leather jodhpurs, for serious). The black pants are leather shorts. The fringe jacket is from the 60's, a gift from my dad to my mom. She hates it and I like to spin in circles in it.

And now, the anti-Crockett.

It kind of reminds me of Rhiannon. In the loveliest way possible!

Anyway...making stories out of outfits always helps me when my muse is gone. What do you do?

Also, it's my 100th post! Thanks so much for reading, every one of you (400+!) make me smile beyond belief.


Zoe J. said...

That jacket is hella amazing, I love Fringe! Aaah! Also, those gloves in the last picture are all quite elegant. Your blog is entertaining, it is basically the one blog I read on a regular basis, now that Stephanie is not writing.

Amelia said...

I like the shoes in the bottom left of the Davy Crockett set. I think it would be really, really amusing if you mixed both sets. I kind of struggle to imagine you wearing anything from the second set, so give us some outfit pics. I really like your idea of just sitting in your closet. Sometimes I wish my closet was big enough to sleep inside--now that would be inspiring.

Marilynn said...

I love the color of the shirt in the 2nd outfit. Me, when I can't find anything to wear, I just wear a dress haha.


Belle said...

zoe - aw, really? thanks, i'm honored. i miss steph.

amelia: oh god, the skitzophrenia that would ensue! i will be sure to try that out.... in the privacy of my house. as for outfit pics--I'm going to try to get some decent ones don over the weekend at the LATEST. i'm borrowing my minion's camera and it has a timer.

mmm, i don't have enough dresses.

karla said...

So, today I figured I'd sit in my closet until someone smacked me with creative juices. - haha I LOVE THIS! sometimes I stand in front of my closet for like five years..pretty pathetic

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aizat.cinta.goddess said...

it is amazing!!you must clear up your closet now!!

bewkworm said...

~ Davey ~ Davey Crockett ~ King of the Wild Frontier! ah, that joke never gets old. you should wear the second outfit to school, or some variation of it. you could come in to school skipping and singing and saying the word "lovely" a lot. right now, i can only imagine you saying "lovely" in a mocking british accent. like, "ohhhh, that's soo looovelyy, daaaling!"

Belle said...

i think if i wore that much cuteness scott would rape me thinking i was a lolita doll from behind. >_>

kamel: that sounds fantastic! i'll get right on it.

pfttt, i'm never going to clean my closet. the surprises will all be gone!

Sam said...

haha we all seem to be in the mood for fringe this time of year!!
that second outfit is really great and it does look like her style.

Golden Calf said...

Sometimes when you explore the back of your closet you can make the best outfits!
ps: I love your blog! Consider yourself blogrolled.

Anonymous said...

i never knew you had such dainty stuff in the second picture! you should incorporate them into your outfits.

ivory said...

ooooo that fringe jacket is love.

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