05 May 2008

anatomy and clothes should seldom be combined

The Criminal:

Vtg Metallic AVANT GARDE Jumpsuit HIGH WAIST Shorts S
The Jury Says...

My Twin: ... arabelle
My Twin: it looks like a vagina
My Twin: like the sleeves = labia
My Twin: and your neck + head = MOMMYYYYYY I'M HERE
My Twin
for extra effect you could flail your arms around with big slippers on your hands like AAH IT HURTS IT HURTS SO MUCH
My Twin: and for giggles you could walk around with your hair wet all day
My Twin
okay i'm done poking fun at the vagina jumpsuit
My Twin
okay up close it looks exactly the same
My Twin: with emphasized std labia

Alex the Boy Person Guy: it looks like it's something off power rangers
Alex the Boy Person Guy: it's like a supershield coming out of the top
Alex the Boy Person Guy: to defend her from the power ranger sworddddddd

I really wish I could disagree.....everyone knows I love ugly!pretty things...but this......no. That's right hang your head in shame. Maybe it'll grow on me?

In other news. Maybe not that far off though considering the personal aesthetic.


Perez compares her to Kate Nash and I'm offended for Kate. Aggy isn't terrible, but she's not Kate.

EDIT 1216AM: Maybe it's the drowsiness now but I SO WANT THAT JUMPSUIT. I would frolic in junkyards with a wand made of car antenna and keep my best friends on a leash as my slaves.......hell yeah.