22 May 2008

50's Stripper Roller Girl and Riding Hood combined

Untitled Photoshoot
(god I'm getting hives thinking about having a photoshoot)

This photoshoot is for Amelia, because you wanted outfit pictures. I got a little carried away--it was very fun playing with Parrot. He's wooden and old and smells like cigars. I'm trying to find a proper place in my house to take pictures, so there are two backgrounds. Please tell me which you prefer! (you can enlarge)

Comments from my friends: "Yay you're back to non-matching Belle! I missed you!" "You look like a 50's Stripper. Can you come to my party on Saturday?" "Hello, Little...Green...Riding Hood!""It would look so much nicer without those socks"

I like my cheapo socks though. They remind me of Iekeliene Stange.

Yes, that is a giant porcelain teacup and saucer. My parrot uses it as a throne.

I was originally going to wear this outfit (Rebecca was musing about work-friendly outfits and this is my version. The skirt is much longer than pictured, and I didn't feel like shortening it in the morning.

I hope you like! Many, many thanks to Abigail for lending me her camera. I owe you (as always).


The Stylish Wanderer said...

Love the pink/red pants and the background with the purple door or the background below it, may I suggest outside maybe?

Also, take a look at my new post and see what Im holding. Youll see an uncanny resemblance between our blogs...and I took the pictures days ago!
Oh well, you gotta love coincidences.

Belle said...

outside would be of course my first choice, were I not living right next to a school and a professional photographer (he has photoshoots in his backyard ><).

WOW that is weird. i didn't even see that! great minds think alike I s'pose.

Urban Audrey said...

love the outfits and the shweet parrot

Wendy said...

Sweet parrot, really can be a best friend. And I love your outfits, white, yellow and black together is genius.

Amelia said...

Thanks! I love the first/last outfit--the yellowness is amazing, as is the shape of the skirt. And I think the socks are perfect. I love wearing random socks with everything. I also really like the Cheap Monday jeans. All of the backgrounds you used seem nice to me.

Now that you have begun to take my suggestions for posts, I will slowly take over your blog from below and laugh evilly. Muahahaha.

Nay'Chelle said...

Love the 50's stripper roller girl outfit. And those shoes are such a fun surprise! I didn't even notice them until I took a second look. Oh, and the jacket from the outfit you were going to wear is verr nice.

aizat.cinta.goddess said...

i love your outfitt!!

i read nylon too!!

and must say that the parrot is such an item for fashion in summer..dont you think so

The Clothes Horse said...

I love your parrot! I need more random antiquities around my dorm room.
I like the look and Iekeliene Stange. Fashion isn't always about look "pretty" but it is about having fun.

bewkworm said...

parrot! sorry woman, step aside, the parrot rocked thsoe photos hard. what is it with you and owning cool inanimate animal friends? i want an animal friend! what's his name? i think it should be gustav, or hubert. or for a girl, ursala or vicky. and it wan't little green riding hood, it was little black riding hood. get your facts straight.

Belle said...

he's just Parrot. I was going to name him Larry but I named my pandas Larry and that seemed too ambiguous, he's much cooler than my pandas. and yes, he's a camera whore. I have many many more pictures of him on my iron Knights shoulders. It's pretty fly.

Biianca said...

how the fuck did you score cheap mondays for 10 dollars? I hate you
I love both outfits
your little black and white oxfords are amazing.

ivory said...

your house is gorgeous, more pictures!

Kira Fashion said...

love the photos with the Nylon!

a kiss!!

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