28 May 2008

your ham is a fish, bao bao meow piao

Meow meow meow...

I'm having a pretty good week, so I wore a feel good outfit, super supple leather skirt. It's very loud and the embellishments have an art deco feel to it so I figured I'd try to keep it around that era. I guess it worked, SpindleFingers said all that was needed was a pipe and smoke screen.

This is the necklace I had in mind. From helloagain. I might not go back this week like I planned, methinks another sample sale beckons..... what d'you think? Either that, or shoe shopping (in which I am in dire need to do, seriously I live in these shoes.)

What I like about this outfit is that it really mixes up rich/poor. I absolutely hate wearing all from one store (twitch, twitch) and all of these items were purchases at different point of life, different places, with different places in mind. But together, it fits .

I'd make this post of more substance but I've got a few tests to study/freak out over so Ursula-Agnes, Dan, Jimbo and Bambi shall see you out. See ya.

Edit: Detail shot.