12 May 2008

oh my god the labia jumpsuit is made of gold

Remember the labia/power rangers jumpsuit? Apparently I have ebay senses of the same material (gold, obviously) because the ho went for $429.99 + shipping with over 60 bids. No you read right, $400+ greenbacks.

What, does it grant three wishes or am I missing something?

I kind of feel compelled to contact the winner and ask them to take a picture of themselves in it you know, wearing it in public. Maybe they have a power rangers dance or something. (If so I demand an invitation.)

I asked another friend to describe the situation. They did it in typical Shakespearean form. Not.

Ode to romper:

I am sorry
that I thought you were weird
You still are
but evidently
four hundred thirty
dollars of shiny weird.

Oh, poetry is beautiful.