03 May 2008

everyone makes fun of furries but we all know you dream of ikuto.

Thanks for the fast responses my friends. I'm still kind of undecided but I've definitely narrowed down my choices. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

A lot has happened last month and even the beginning of this one. Chictopia opened, Bamboozle's today, Coachella past, kitties helped me pass the time..

First up is the lovely Fashion Faker. I absolutely love her outfits, if you haven't been checking her out recently imagine many children glaring at you, pointing fingers and maybe crying. This is how bad you are. Honestly. For shame--every outfit is ace. Congrats on the new job!

Gala's in New York, I knew my random obession with cupcake earrings must have been influenced by our close proximity...

One of the things I am so glad happened since I've gotten into fashion was my newfound appreciation for photography. Every day I discover someone new, or an old photograph of someone I thought I understood and something changes about my perspective on them. Here are some of my current favorites.

I think this is in the vein of Rhiannon's obsession with old vintage photography, only dirtier. These are pretty clean when you look at the other photos in the stream though. I love the lighting, the petticoats...it reminds me a lot of Courbet's Young Ladies on the Banks of the Seine.

I love underwater photography, I can never forget the first editorials I saw shot underwater. I doubt you can either, if you've seen them. This one is just as beautiful as the previous underwater edit on fd. Photographer: Malka

Bruce Mozert pioneered underwater photography and suffice it to say, the master and original can hold his own against the new (but equally awesome) photographers who work underwater. He's being honored with an exhibition at the Appleton Museum of Art.

So...who did you think did it best---Mozert or Malka?