12 May 2008

if i'm paying that much to smell like the pope he better sweat motherfucking god and cancer cures

This morning, Lamija Suljevicteam emailed me, and I've kind of been in love since. Not with Lamija (although I'm sure you're lovely) but with the designs of the duo Lamija and Gabomilla -- Lamilla, for short.

The designs definitely feed my infatuation with all things morbid and romantic....and you know, French. Because if anyone can make all black seem like the only palette to wear, it's definitely the lovely duo of Alt and Roitfield. It's mainstream enough to be just the right amount of....I hate to say it, it doesn't seem right--goth, but definitely something I can see any number of fashionable starlets wearing. Or you know, me.

I love the presentation of the pieces at well. The headpieces are odd and wonderful. At first, I thought they were beards (shut up) but they're balls? Okay that makes it sound worse but I am greatly amused by them and they somehow make the dresses seem that cooler.

While I am just a puny student child, I of course can't afford the pieces with my nonexistent bank account full of nonexistent US Dollar. The white laced collar dress? The bowed black a line? If anyone's got 340 € ($528) lying around... you know I think you're marvelous. And if you want to make me thinkn you're eveen MORE marvelous, you'd best be clicking here.

But seriously...how awesome is the shirt to the right? If my brain was wired to make me drool at the sight of cool clothes I'd be a hot mess right now.