08 May 2008

dammit, it's the fig tree that screwed me over

Hmmmm. So I'm guilty of being a one-trick pony for the past week. White t-shirts are both the greatest thing to happen to me and the worst. I cannot make an outfit without one! My heathered gray one's also being well worn. I think looking at ebay auctions for crazy florals has made me want to crawl into all black or all white.

My outfits as of recently are more than enough proof of my style rut.

I'm actually exhausting my options already for my closet, but I think it's a double edged sword considering. Making this blog is one of the best things that has ever happened to me identity wise; I'm learning what pieces I can't live without.

Speaking of living without....I need to get rid of pretty much all of my shoes, it's sad but I've got about 40 and only wear about 10. 6 of them aren't my size, either. Eh. For those sellers: should I list on etsy or ebay? Whats the difference and what made you choose one over the other?

So right after I won that jumper I find another amazing jumper! It's like the polar opposite, quite amusing. Wouldn't it be awesome to be able to pull this off? Or am I off my rocker?

My parents are lucky I haven't memorized their credit card PINs....yet.