16 May 2008

you can be DonDon, her aztec warrior elephant

The adventures of my best friend Reggie Bob. I bring him around everywhere, really. He's my test taking good luck charm, my hat, my weapon, my muse...... I am not kidding when I say I bring him everywhere I go. My friends have given up on trying to pretend they don't know me when this happens. In fact, I've had to field several marriage proposals to dear RB to his entourage of Cowboys and Indians.

On Wednesday I went to Kinokuniya and Go Go Curry with my friend Peter and of course, Minion.

Before we went to GGC I got distracted by the delightful line of fabric stores lining the street.

Some of these were surprisingly cheap, at $4 a yard. I'm pondering if I should go back and grab fabric for a skirt. If you know I had any skillz at all with a sewing machine. (The last time I sewed I couldn't do a hankie.)


Then we ate. Om nom nom.

This is the product of my journey. A.N.A.L (yes that is it's name and yes it is as lowbrow as it's name and no it was not worth the pretty boys) I should have gotten the fabric. D: It wasn't even bad enough to be funny to be good. Just bad enough to be funny.

And before this turns into the stupidest post on my blog, fashion related:

Hi, this is me turning STALKER! crossing the street and before I knew it I took a picture. I wish I had seen her front so it didn't end up being a picture of her butt. (Pretty ruffled butt though!)


Anonymous said...


that chick has an amazing skirt.

Sam said...

that girl's skirt is great!
and i love that floral fabric, you should make a skirt out of that!

bewkworm said...

aww, there aren't enough pictures of reggie bob, he's the real star of the show here. here's all the pictures from wednesday: http://s242.photobucket.com/albums/ff309/bookworm007/the%20adventures%20of%20reggie%20bob/ .

ivory said...

oh that fabric is awesome.

pammish said...
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pammish said...

i do that all the time! i mean, i get inspired by people on the street sometimes, and take quick snaps w/o them knowing! uh-oh! haha

Amelia said...

Several times I've really wanted to take pictures of random people on the street, but I either don't have my camera or can't get it ready in time (code for: I'm too lame to actually go through with secretly taking someone's picture). Anyway, your stalker picture is lovely.

emily said...

love her shoes,

and also your near-stupidest post ever, so entertaining, keep it up


Kira Fashion said...

so amazing prints!
i love them all!

a kiss and a hug!
you are in my links of the day!

see you,

Wendy said...

I like that girl's ruffly skirt, super awesome. And you don't have to get me anything in return for the skirt. Email about shipping and all that jazz at sparklycat18@sbcglobal.net.

The Stylish Wanderer said...

I love fabric stores sooo much

Nay'Chelle said...

Your dinosaur is pretty boss.

I love the girl's skirt. Trust me, if it wasn't for the fact that I don't have a camera I owuld be taking awkward pictures of random people too.

Belle said...

kira: thank you! =D

tbqh I don't have a proper camera either (i mean my outfit posts are few and far between for a reason, sadly) it's really my phone's camera that i use constant now.

thanks for the comments everyone!

vogued out!!! said...

great picture I love her shoes.

victoria :] said...

I love the girls skirt.

WendyB said...

Wonderful skirt -- excellent stalking job.

gaohui said...

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