16 May 2008

you can be DonDon, her aztec warrior elephant

The adventures of my best friend Reggie Bob. I bring him around everywhere, really. He's my test taking good luck charm, my hat, my weapon, my muse...... I am not kidding when I say I bring him everywhere I go. My friends have given up on trying to pretend they don't know me when this happens. In fact, I've had to field several marriage proposals to dear RB to his entourage of Cowboys and Indians.

On Wednesday I went to Kinokuniya and Go Go Curry with my friend Peter and of course, Minion.

Before we went to GGC I got distracted by the delightful line of fabric stores lining the street.

Some of these were surprisingly cheap, at $4 a yard. I'm pondering if I should go back and grab fabric for a skirt. If you know I had any skillz at all with a sewing machine. (The last time I sewed I couldn't do a hankie.)


Then we ate. Om nom nom.

This is the product of my journey. A.N.A.L (yes that is it's name and yes it is as lowbrow as it's name and no it was not worth the pretty boys) I should have gotten the fabric. D: It wasn't even bad enough to be funny to be good. Just bad enough to be funny.

And before this turns into the stupidest post on my blog, fashion related:

Hi, this is me turning STALKER! crossing the street and before I knew it I took a picture. I wish I had seen her front so it didn't end up being a picture of her butt. (Pretty ruffled butt though!)