03 May 2008

if you were a grandma you'd be a smokin' hot grandma that makes hash brownies.

Ok, giving up on actually making a schedule for updates. I am a stereotypical creative type who sucks at returning calls, getting places on time, and updating properly. Minus the, you know, creativity required to be excused for these things. Oh well, you'll love me anyway. I can be cheeky because I'm pretty!

...........yeah, sometimes I don't believe myself either.

So, I've got a few options as to what to purchase. They end quite soon, so quick responses shall be appreciated.

And the jewelery/random things. All under $20 with S&H. If I don't get a dress it's going to be a tough decision which necklace to buy. Or poster, for that matter. I've been wanting these posters for ages.

So...which do you like? Jewelry wise and/or clothing? (Clothes from ebay, bottom collage from etsy.)