30 April 2008

if you smoke grass does that make you more stupider?

Quick post, but it's another outfit post so does the un-entertaing-ness cancel out?

Apparently my reluctance to get up and my inability to form an outfit the night before has made me into 1) homeless fashionista and 2) from Denmark.

Hey, I'll take what I can get.

What am I wearing:

  • Junko Koshino jacket I mentioned in the earliest of posts. I used to be quite intimidated by it and it's skirt counterpart. I've made peace with it.
  • Checkered silk zip up vest from Hong Kong
  • Men's T-shirt from Uniqlo
  • Skinny pants from wetseal (not surprisingly they're too short and a piece of crap in general)
  • beat up docs slip ons
  • A frown
  • Beat up schoolbag (scoliosis is so my thing.)

Also, I've got $20 to spend and $20 only for an online purchase--what do you think I should get? I'm thinking about jewelery on etsy but I haven't a clue what, really. Maybe a cheapo jumper on ebay, maybe accessories on etsy....I dunno. Help please.

Edit: Why are all the cool kids styling their own shoots? If only, if only....

And now I will leave you with the family muse.


Amelia said...

I like the jacket. Very hobo-chic. Nice outfit.

Wendy said...

I like the jacket, its got this geometric design to it that I find interesting.

bewkworm said...

spend i on jewlery, you only ever wear that jesus necklce and the ladybug one. i've got some souf favorited on tsy, we can have a show and tell tomorrow.

Belle said...

why do i get the feeling you're going to be showing me bangles bangles and bangles that i'll never wear?

thanks wendy. :D

She's Dressing Up said...

Wow great jacket!!

Ana said...

The jacket is interesting with that mustard color and cool pattern/.

Fashion Addict said...

love your outfit!!! Your blog is really nice and something I hope my blog will turn out to be like one day! I really want to do a link exchange with you if that's okay, so please contact me when you have the time!!

Nutstump said...

Nice pants

Belle said...

Thanks everyone. :) btw nutstump: welcome to the blogworld!

Angie hearts said...

sorry to advertise but I have really cute jewelries on sale for only $20 dollars at our boutique...
and we're also giving away one free cute leather bag, hope you can come!
again.. didn't mean for the advertise, just happen to bump into your site~ and glad I did!

ivory said...

your family muse can sing....new favorite band!

Mickie said...

thanks for leaving a message on my blog, your posts are wicked. I've added you to my blogroll;)

Rose said...

i like the combination, it looks really cool;)

Cate said...

the schoolbag is cool, and the shoes too!

Charlotte said...

I love mustard colour! good outfit!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

Oh I love the jacket it really sets off the outfit and it's quite unique. you look great, what a fasionista you are!

Anonymous said...

totally buy something from etsy, it's easier to use and you can buy from genuine artists.

Anonymous said...

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