18 April 2008


heads up on the next couple of days--actually, the entire week. it's spring break, after all. this is more for the weirdos at school who intend to bother me to get together than anyone else.

4/19/08 ; taylor's sweet sixteen insane thing in which i will probably die at. and school.
4/20/08 ; happy 420! celebrating accordingly.
4/21/08 ; volunteering again (finally). yay puppies!
4/22/08 ; brooklyn museum to check out the new exhibit and my friends piece in the permanent collection. sweet.
4/23/08 ; operation DeFatAssMe begins.
4/24/08 ; Thrifting with Zoe (?)
4/25/08 ; Thriftin' with Sarena (?) + Beach with Kirsten and Chrystine.
4/26/08 ; volunteering again, defatassation continues.
4/27/08 ; homework and blogging again. maybe the former.

This is going to be mental. I will try to keep you posted! And not bullshit posts, either. Legit photodiary posts. Because I know you want em.

Until next time....dance, because as my new addiction says, everybody's who's not dancing is a rapist.