11 April 2008

he has come, the boy that posesses solar hands!

Thank god it's Friday night, and I just (just just just just) got paid. Not really. But I did dance to the legendary boyband as per usual on my bed for the past half hour.

So, I have many bookmarks. By many, I mean a pathetic amount that tells who I spend too much time on the computer. Does 200+ bookmarks seems like a lot? Pfft. I just cut out 300 of them over this past week to get to two hundred.

Things I am visiting daily:

  • Anything Patrick Demarchelier. He does no wrong. Truly. Fashion You has a wonderful post all about the genius, you should check it out. I stumbled upon another editorial of his and now I want to find my sequined magenta cape.
  • The Stephenson. Amazing jeans, I love the buttons so much. The white jeans don't look half bad and normally I twitch at white jeans. Seriously though, look at those shorts and tell me you don't want them.
  • Her and her home. Johanna is a modern day Queen Marie if only in the looks and whimsy. Her blog is an absolute delight, and her house is ridiculously awesome on all levels.

  • Agatha Ruiz de la Prada F/W 08.09 Madrid. When I thought of it....well, I'll let the pictures speak for me....

  • Things Asian People Like. Absolutely hilarious blog only because it's true. I live a life of cliches, Jewish best friends, and DDR. Nix on the math camp, though; true asians fly halfway across the world to their aunts illegal summer boot camp when they're six and do homework 12 hours a day. Just sayin'.