27 April 2008

long long long long llalalalalalallong gone.

Boo, I've been a terrible blogger lately. >_>

Anyway, I've decided not to mention anything I'm going to do on the blog because I seem to have a curse by mentioning it, it never happens. Like, ever. So screw that and I'm just going to write whatever I have prepared so people don't have to wait for.....ever. Eheheh.

My friends and I go shopping a lot (well, mostly them, I'm a poor ho......) so it's only logical to have a few favorite places to go. Well, I've compiled them into a nifty list here. Credit cannot go to me--the majority of it is Riley's. I actually can't be bothered to remember the locations/names of my favorite places, I just go.

So. What do you do on typical weekends, ladies (and gentlemen, all 5 of you)? I like going through old magazine editorials when I'm bored. This is a little over a year old--nothings really changed trend wise for the season though. I think it still holds merit.

Truth be told, I haven't had a floral fetish unlike other bloggers. I guess I'm too picky or it's just not meant to be? I think I own about 5 floral things and not exactly a fan of any of them except the tights and the skirt.

Any suggestions as to how to bring more florals in? It's something I'm going to probably have to do with the new dress code policy of no pants*. I'll be stocking up on dresses and cropped pants like these for the duration.

This is what I think I'd get away with wearing to school, if you know, I had a million dollars:

I've been a minimalist groove lately. Black, structured shirts with my guy friends jeans and killer heels. I think I've been staring at Erin Wasson too long.

*no pants being no skinnies, no pockets, blah blah de fucking blah. Dresses and non-denim only.