23 April 2008

not really an update, more of an obsession

Just a quick update for my faithful reader, nothing big. So, I'm still dazed and confused from my weekend and holiday celebrations (I did enough celebrating for the entire fashion blog circuit, methinks....maybe I overdid it, oh well) and silly me didn't bother asking Taylor to send the party pictures over. Eh.

Anyway, I don't think I really want to remember. Who the hell hooks up with a dude you have to refer to as Penguin? Let it be known his physical features were nothing like that of said animal. In fact, if his nickname should be anything it should be Goku or something, like an anime guy because I'm a sucker for asian hair. But Penguin. He can be the hottest piece of ass in the entire state, but no one is going to believe that if all you can remember about him is his nickname...Penguin. Fucking a.

Oh well. Parties are made for petty things, I love them that way.

I was reading a manga and this is the only thing interesting in the whole folder. I have been staring at these jeans for about half an hour. They're pretty much perfect. I imagine wearing them and becoming immersed in this lovely state of vertigo.....delight...and a world of photoshopped blue and orange goodness. Hell yeah.

Anyone know where to get them/lookalikes? They are the perfect shade of blue and delight. If you wear them, puppies will be born and hippies will throw flowers at you and coffee will always be freshly brewed..... utopia in denim, I swear it.....I'm kind of obsessed. Alright, more than kind of. I must have them yesterday.