30 March 2011


THEOUTNET via John approached me and several other bloggers (holler at Zana, Keiko, and the troupe) for a self styled photoshoot and naturally I played it cool* and said yes! This is the result of the hard labor their makeup and hair and photo team did on me. I am sorry you had such a rough canvas to work with (hahaha who are we kidding I am wonderful etc) but I am so, so in love with the results! I will never look as good again. I am particularly in awe of the hair stylist's work, I am in love with my hair curly but only her magic will make my hair so wonderful. Believe, me I've tried.

 If you are interested in anything I'm wearing, you can look at the Custom Made Product List right here. I am wearing Jason Wu and Alexander Wang in the first picture. Was so in love with the dress, it was an unexpected pick for me to be honest. But I miss it terribly now. And the sparkly red shoes in the second picture are my own but I think they held their own amongst the Marni and Tibi. 

Obviously I am not made up of model stuff but I'm so so ecstatic with the results of the shoot, everyone involved and having the opportunity to participate. While I am in a sea of self-loathing for wearing the wrong bra (punching myself in the head as I type) I am still thrilled right now. I'll post behind the scenes footage tomorrow in a new post etc. I'm in bit of a rush to study for my last midterm so I'll talk to you later. :D

*screamed and ran around my dorm room with joy

19 March 2011

never eat chocolate cookies while drinking orange juice it's gross


Meh not a life changing outfit, I literally just got this dress at goodwill yesterday after I went trolling around the city for jobs. Yes, it is logical: HAVE NO MONEY, SEARCH FOR JOB, SPEND MONEY BUT DON'T GET JOB!! Whatever man. I left my tripod at school so I just took outfit photos in the mirror like the old days.


Yeah, I'm growing my hair out. I tried to curl yesterday before some job interviews but it was not happening for some reason so now the ends of my hair are kinda fried as you kinda tell so I'm gonna chop some hair off before I touch up the color I already have. Whatevz.



I cleaned the mirror in my kitchen just for these pictures!!!!! The things I do for you people. Anyway I'm very tired from blood tests so I'm going to go sleep some more..........

13 March 2011

narcissism is hereditary

I've taken up reading comic books again. I was more of an anime and manga lady myself in high school but comic books are delightfully retro in slang and it makes me smile to read them in the subway. And they're cheaper than manga, at a quarter a pop at goodwill.

The thigh highs I was wearing the other day to my photoshoot for the outnet ripped!!! I was so sad, I was really loving them. They are from the tights shop I linked to a few posts back, I was supposed to review them as well (so here is my review???) I wore them probably six or seven times before they ripped, so I guess it could have been worse .They were good while they lasted, never moved and went with everything I wear. Indeed, a lot of outfits revolved around them! R.I.P bro. 

Wish I could have taken a proper photo of this outfit, it was all pretty new and wonderful! My parents said I looked like a 60's MV Priest, whatever that means. I got the dress off of etsy and the amaze pumpkin PERFECT trench from goodwill, and my silver shoes are courtesy of I think Lord and Taylor?? I mean, you can kinda see the top half of this outfit in this dailybooth.

Sooooooo in love with the trans* boy in this video. If I had a dollar for every time I watched this video today alone I would have every McQueen piece ever for reals.


I really do wear this blazer as much as you'd think from the blog. I didn't expect to wear it so much, since I have so many colorful blazers, but this happened to be one of the only ones I brought to college and so it goes.


Anyway I've gotten into making youtube videos. I'm not gonna link you to my channel tho bc my videos are mostly about makeup, I do random videos about stuff I like for my friends and we make videos for each other. But since my camera is really good for recording, d'you want me to make videos?? Idk what I'd talk about really. Feminism?? Gayness?? Fashion and Feminism and Gayness?? Answers to questions you email me?? Me dancing?? THE CHOICE IS UP 2 U.